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Check, is your business exists with DizyLocal Australia

If not found click If your business not listed. Click here to add. (shown as last option)

Check Business


How can Check Business will be helpful for your business. Read below,

  1. Type few characters of your business name in the search box. We will get you all business, matches with the text.
  2. Check thoroughly before you add a business to DizyLocal Australia.
  3. No duplicate businesses are allowed in our database.
  4. If your business not exists, you are free to add your business.
  5. Try with different names of your business to check is your business exists in our system.
  6. If your business exists, click on claim business to take control over your business.
  7. You can check your business details before you claim and take control.
  8. If your business exists and still continue and submit your business, we will check and remove without any notification.
  9. We don't recommend submitting a duplicate business details on our system.
  10. Submitting same business multiple times will lead to permanently lead to account termination.