9 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Cake

9 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Cake

22nd February 2018

Your wedding cake is an important part of your special day. The following tips will help you choose the right one.

1. Don't Leave It Until The Last Minute

Your cake ties into every other decision you make about your wedding. For example, the venue choice has an impact on what you decide to do with your cake. If your reception is outdoors, you need fontant rather than buttercream icing. Get organized early so that you can start putting the details together.

2. Look For A Baker

Ask friends and family members for recommendations when it comes to a baker. Wedding fairs are also a great way to meet people that you might want to work with. You may even be able to get a few samples to help you make up your mind!

3. Go On Social Media 

Many bakers (and other vendors that work in the wedding industry) use social media to showcase their work and what they can do. Do a search for wedding cakes in your area and see what you find. If something catches your eye, go to the baker's website to learn more. Online reviews are also important to this process.

4. Find The Right Style

Every baker is different. What type of style are you going for at your wedding? Do you want a fondant cake? Do you prefer buttercream? Some bakers specialize in different techniques such as Bakealicious, wedding cake Meath. There is even such a thing as a "naked cake"! Go online first and find pictures of cakes that you love. See if a trend emerges. Then find a baker that has that same style. 

5. Set Up A Meeting

After you have a few bakers on your list that you are interested in, set up a meeting! Go over your plans and what you want. Sample cakes and find the right person for the job!

6. Keep Your Budget In Mind

Every part of the wedding process is expensive. Go into your meeting knowing what you want to spend. Explain your budget to the baker and ask him or her to help you adhere to it. There are often small things the baker can do that make a big difference in your price point.

7. Review The Cost

The price of a cake goes up depending on how many people you are serving and what type of design you want. For example, any added details on the cake are likely to cost you more money because they take more time. Keep in mind that your budget probably won't let you recreate many of the pictures you've found online. However, with the help of your baker, you can find a good compromise. 

8. Get Creative

What type of style will you have at your wedding? Use that to help you design the cake. However, that doesn't have to be the only piece of information you take into account; use the pictures that you've found, your own imagination and much more to create the perfect cake.

9. Don't Be Afraid Of Flavor

Ask your baker upfront if he charges more for certain flavors. Use that information to help with your decision making process. If you have a baker that does not charge extra, don't be afraid to experiment. There are so many options out there that taste great!

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