Creative ways to decorate your special occasion cake

Creative ways to decorate your special occasion cake

4th October 2016

A dull cake has no power to attract any kind of attention. But, when a cake is decorated according to the kind of occasion, it can steal a million hearts. Making a cake is not damn hard rather than to decorate it. Decoration has to be done in a creative and unique manner so that the cake turns out to be special. There are many creative ways to decorate a cake and make it interesting. Every occasion is different and the decoration should be innovative too. Some creative ways that can be followed to decorate a cake are listed as under:

Decoration with the use of choco chips or fruit toppings: One of the easiest way to decorate a cake is the use of fruit toppings and choco chips and biscuits. These fruit topping can add a freshness to the cake and they also add a great look to the cake.

Polka dots on the cake: One decorative trend that is used on cakes is the use of polka dots. The polka dots can be painted on the cake or any kind of fondant can be used to make the polka dots. Mostly the polka dots are made in a contrasting way so that the innovative side of the cake can be demonstrated. Colourful polka dots do have the power to add some kind of glaze to the cake. 

Strips with edible sparkling glitter: Strips can be made with the help of colourful edible glitter that really helps to sparkle up the cake and make  it the centre of attraction. With various colours of glitters, the cake will steal the show. Mostly when the cake is done white, the edible glitter strips look the best. 

Use of gel colouring and water colour: Sometimes to make a boring cake happening, water colour and gel colouring is used which can turn the cake into something fashionable and designable. Paint brushes can be used and the colour can be painted in some parts and some parts can be kept blank so that the cake turns out to  look unique. Sugar coating is also done at times to make a cake look pretty. 

Butter cream frosting in various colours: Butter cream can be used on the top of the cake and the cake can be made smooth. Butter cream can also be used to make any kind of frosting like stars or circles and the entire cake can be covered with the frosting in different colours. This idea is much inventive but at the same time it is also time consuming. 

Use of gummy bears: Gummy bears are very soft and melt easily when kept in mouth. Gummy bears can be used to entirely cover the cake and this can make the cake look unique. Sprinkles can be used on the cake and embroidery can be done with the use of sprinkles to make a cake look yummy. 

It is not hard to make a gorgeous cake but a person should be willing to devote time and energy into making a cake look beautiful and delicious. 


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