How to get a wedding cake fits within your budget

How to get a wedding cake fits within your budget

19th September 2017

Of all occasions which happen in our life altogether, a wedding is the most propitious and important of them. This includes all the happiness and the memories which will be cherished for lifetime. We would just look at the album and laugh and remember the times again. Therefore, we would not that anything which is in our hands should go wrong. We try to eliminate every possibility of doing any error in the functions and parties. And to have a cake; Ah! It has become a form of tradition which is followed in the wedding. Having a cake has now become mandatory for the wedding to be successful. 

But to increase the lavish budget by its addition will create trouble for the people who tally the expenditure. Yet the never ending has to be followed still. As a result, the cake to be bought should go within our reach. Now we will see how:

To keep fewer layers: We can always keep less tiers of the cake in accordance with the guest list checked. It is not wise to make 4 layers when you require only 3. This could cut back the cost severely.

Support provided: For keeping the layers or the tiers intact, there are some supports provided. Sometimes the support needs to be bought. You can easily borrow them and use them. This will further curtail the cost.

Foam: For making several layers, sometimes faking foam is also used which would reduce the costs up to 50%.

Flavour: As everyone knows there are many flavours available in the market with various ranges also. A simple flavour would be more favourable instead of the high class flavours. It would greatly reduce the cost of wedding cake thereafter. 

Pattern: As per as the flavours, many patterns are also available in the market. The baker would obviously charge more for the pattern which would be difficult to bake for him and require many modifications and various patterning. Thus decrease in cost will be done by choosing a good but simple pattern.

Frost: Too much frost is liked by all. But too much frosting costs you a lot. To consider cutting down the cost simple frost could be used with only a thin layer so that it look cherishing and also be completed well within budget.

Variety: Instead of the conventional style wedding cake, we can always use different cakes and provide them as dessert.

Location: Instead of choosing a high class bakery, we should focus on the inner market and ethnic ones which would give the cake in the same quantity with same quality at a better price. Many discounts can also be given by these bakers for the order.

Provision by the venue: Sometimes, if the expense of the venue is large, they themselves provide a cake baker in the same category. We should get in touch with that and get our wedding cake done.

The dream of wedding should definitely be proved right and by these aspects, it is positively in our pocket to choose the best wedding cake bakers.

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