Are Antibiotics Really Necessary for Our Body

Are Antibiotics Really Necessary for Our Body

24th October 2017

For decades the magic pill of antibiotics has been regarded as the miracle drug which is the common cure for most illnesses. Antibiotics means against life since it has the power to kill millions of bacteria that are responsible for causing common illnesses and infections.

Did you know?

  • Antibiotics are the most preferred choice for curing any infection or offering pain relief in the medical world. It is the first choice of most doctors and one in every six prescriptions is the mention of an antibiotic drug. 
  • It is a common belief among multiple generations that antibiotic treatment treats bacterial infection, illness or rash, but every medical student knows that antibiotics have no effect on illnesses such as cold and flu. Yet it has been seen that out of all the patients who go to a doctor for regular cold and flu, almost 95% of them are given antibiotic drugs and half of them and 50% of them are given the drug for no reason whatsoever, or is it?
  • It is shocking to notice that patients are completely unaware of the perils of consumption of antibiotics. A single antibiotic pill has the hazardous potential to destroy the intestinal tract and the red bone marrow which is responsible for forming blood in our body. This damage can last up to five years.
Do doctors really care about their patients?

If doctors do care about their patients, then why would they be willing to jeopardize the health of their patients? What could possibly be the ulterior motive of such medical practitioners? Most doctors do not even know that antibiotics such as penicillin do not even have any effect on common cold or flu. On the contrary, an antibiotic weakens the immune system which can bring rise to a whole new bundle of sicknesses. 

What patients on the other hand must know is that having a cold is more of a blessing than a curse. Common cold is not an illness. It is the natural healing process or a defense mechanism for the body in an emergency situation to cleanse the body of toxins. The virus only acts as a catalyst in this detoxification process. Patients should allow the body to complete this cycle and allow the body to heal rather than obstructing it with an antibiotic drug. This is why every time the body wants to cleanse and heal, uninformed patients just pop in a pill on the recommendation of their doctor to force stop the healing process. This completely damages the immune system.

Reasons why doctors prescribe antibiotics

  • Since the doctor is always short on time, he just prescribes a broad-spectrum drug to deal with the patient’s condition. This may help in the doctor treating more patients within a certain amount of time and make him more money but what this does to the patient is ridiculous. A broad-spectrum drug literally kills not only the disease causing bacteria but also the good bacteria which is present in the body and which helps give the body immunity against various other dangerous infections and diseases. 
  • Another reason why a doctor prescribes antibiotics is due to the fact that if he does suggest an alternative, time consuming and rather natural healing process the patient tends to think that the doctor is not doing his job well. It is mandatory for a doctor to prescribe the required medications to child patients with a view to avoid risk of lawsuits. If he does prescribe the antibiotic medication, he can always blame it on the efficacy of the drug due to the ineffective treatment. This is also to be blamed on the mothers and grown individual patients because they do not even care to know about the side effects of antibiotic drugs and whether they are actually necessary or not. In case of children the necessity of an antibiotic treatment holds necessary for 1 in every 100, 000 cases. 
  • Another valid reason for prescribing antibiotic drugs these days is the fact that doctors make enough money just by prescribing an antibiotic drug of a specific brand. It is a money-making gimmick since doctors have tie-ups with medicinal brands and receive huge commissions for endorsing and prescribing drugs of a specific brand.
So, these are the reasons why it seems as though consuming antibiotic drugs is really necessary, but do you think the same way after reading this article?

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