I am Feeling Better Now. Why it is Advised to Take Antibiotics?

I am Feeling Better Now. Why it is Advised to Take Antibiotics?

22nd October 2016

There are many patients who take antibiotics prescribed by their doctors to treat an infection such as a bacterial throat infection or ear infection. After taking a few doses they begin to feel better and due to this they stop taking their medication half way through. Now, is this right or wrong? We need to find out. 

  • It is mandatory to take the complete dosage prescribed by the doctor and for the period mentioned.
  • Not abiding by the advice may lead to a treatable infection recurring and changing into a disease that is non-treatable.
  • Avoiding complete dosage of medication leads to development of resistant bacteria. 
  • This may infect the particular part of the body and will no longer be curable by the antibiotics. This may lead to a serious and life threatening infection.

The process

The best way to cure an infection and eradicate the bacteria completely is to take antibiotics for the said duration. This will ensure that the bacteria can no longer cause any harm. Most patients feel relief from pain just after taking a few doses and think that they have been healed. They then stop taking the antibiotics. What they do not realize that the relief is felt just because the antibiotics have just started acting upon the infection and may have just killed the sensitive bacteria but what about the stronger bacteria which are still infecting the system? They need to be killed and this can only be done by completing the course of antibiotics. Patients who do not abide by the doctor’s advice and skip dosage of medication, severely risk their health and put it in jeopardy.

People in general fear the side effects of antibiotics and thus try to cut out on them. Due to this, scientists are constantly doing research and are trying to make antibiotic treatment more efficient and are trying to lessen the side effects. This enhances the efficacy of antibiotics and doctors keep adapting to such changes. This is why doctors nowadays prescribe shorter courses of antibiotics and may prescribe even shorter courses in the future because science is constantly on the verge of development. This is very beneficial to patients because they need to take antibiotics for a shorter period of time and with lesser side effects.

Health care professionals are concerned about the side effects and period of dosage but it is also very essential to treat the cause of infection. So, they try their level best and weigh in the options with respect to dosage, time period, types and brands of antibiotic medication to give you the proper prescription.

Method of treatment

  • Make sure you do not skip antibiotic dosage. Whether you feel better or not is secondary, but the primary thing is to follow doctor’s advice.
  • Be cautious. Do not use any kind of leftover antibiotics since they have expiry dates and specific actions. Only consume doctor prescribed medication.
  • Take the right dosage and for the predetermined period so that the infection is treated properly. 
  • Take the right type of medication and of a good brand so that it serves you best.
  • Please do not pressurize doctors for prescribing antibiotics. Only take them on doctor’s prescription.
  •  If taken unnecessarily, they can harm your immune system and intestinal tract since they have side effects.
  • ‘Prevention is better than the cure’. It is better to maintain hygiene by keeping hands and surroundings clean rather than having to cure an infection.

The misuse of antibiotics or skipping proper treatment has led to bacteria become more resistant to regular antibiotics. This has become a world-wide phenomenon. This has given rise to more serious diseases. So, treat infections properly, otherwise an easily treatable infection may lead to a life threatening disease. 

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