Guide To Productive Winter Fishing Around Melbourne

Guide To Productive Winter Fishing Around Melbourne

20th April 2018

With winter heading in shortly most anglers are looking to relax and settle in for the winter before heading out once more, however there is still a lot of fishing to be had if you are willing to brave the cold. Most of the fish in Melbourne are active at all stages of the year, this article will help you to choose your target fish and hopefully get out there and enjoy yourself even if the weather isn't it's regular summer self.

Freshwater Fishing

Believe it or not, your chances of catching a lot of trout are actually much higher during the colder months. Trout come from a naturally cold climate, and tend to hide away a lot during warmer months, when the weather cools down however, they come out in a frenzy.

Most stocked lakes will be biting with trout as soon as the temperature drops below 25 degrees Celsius, and the colder it gets the more active they become. Trout stocking information can be found at the VFA website for recreational fishers. When it comes to fishing bait and lures, the best way to target trout is either with a regular food style bait, such as Powerbait pellets, or regular baits such as worms and yabbies also do very well. For artificial baits, spin lures are by far the number one choice, followed closely by realistic hard body fishing lures.

Redfin are also very active during colder months, neither trout or redfin are native to Australia, they are found primarily in Europe and the far north of the USA. Hence the colder months are actually their most active.

Bait or lure fishing for redfin and trout is a year round activity, while the local native fish such as golden perch, cod and catfish hide away during this time, you will find no shortage of redfin and trout.

Redfin can be caught on the same baits as trout, and the same fishing lures too.

Saltwater Fishing

When it comes to saltwater, three species that you will find hiding away in rivers and estuaries is Bream, Snapper and Trevally. They can be caught using baits such as worms, along with sandworms which can be pumped from the nearby beaches, and sand yabbies which can also be pumped locally at the beach. Deadbaits also work well, such as whiting pieces, pilchards and squid.

During the colder months pieces of small whiting are often the best for these fish, as they cant resist and easy feed of this very nice smelling bait. In terms of fishing lures, all three of these will take diving hard body lures or soft plastic grubs and swimmerbaits, pink is the preferred colour for most lures, or in terms of hard bodies, something lighter coloured than usual.

When it comes time to find your saltwater fish, forget the bay, it won't be as productive during the colder months, so you want to look out for estuaries and this is also a bonus as you can fish land based.

Personally I prefer land based as there are a lot of spots around Melbourne, such as near docklands, the Yarra river and further up such as Carrum Downs where it is possible to park the car and fish, keeping yourself nice and warm while only being a metre or two away from your rod at all times.

If you are fishing lures however, some waders or at least some good winter clothing will definitely be needed, and don't forget the gumboots.

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