Take Caution While Choosing a Local Removalist in Adelaide

Take Caution While Choosing a Local Removalist in Adelaide

4th September 2018

No matter the distance you are going to move, hiring a removalist is the best option. When it is time to look for a removalist to help you with the move, many go for the local removalists as it is the easy option. But are you cautious enough when hiring a local removalist in Adelaide?

Don’t take a shot in the dark with some random removalists in Adelaide when all your life belongings are at stake. Instead, make a practical and cautious decision when zeroing on the one removal company on which you are sure and confident enough to leave your things worth thousands of dollars in their care.

How Can You Choose the Best Removalist?

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When you are moving out for the first time, you may not know where to start at. To help to start with the process, here are some pointers:

  • Make sure to plan ahead regarding the date you are going to move and the kind of services you are looking for from a removalist Adelaide.
  • Research more. The internet is the best option to start with. You can also get recommendations from your friends and relatives and find out the reliable and professional removalists in Adelaide and shortlist a few at the end.
  • Read through the reviews and ratings of the chosen removalists and see if they have what you look for in them. Set your priorities straight and spend sufficient time before hiring one.
  • Visit the company’s website and check if they have good credentials.

These are the basic steps you can start with although there are possibilities of choosing an incapable removalist if you immediately get one removalist on board after this stage. To choose a removalist with utmost carefulness, you need to ask the following questions before officially hiring a Adelaide removalist.

Does the Removalist Provide Insurance?


Every good removalist will have a good insurance coverage. Make sure to check that the company you are considering to hire has one too. It isn’t sufficient to just check if the removalist has insurance; it is important to check the kind of insurance coverage it offers. Check if there are any loopholes that aren’t in favour of you. 

As you transport your belongingness, you will have some valuable goods and items that are of sentimental value to you. Any professional removalist will do their best to protect your belongings at any cost but it is always safe to make sure by yourself that you are covered in case of any unfortunate circumstance that may arise.

To protect your own belongings, ask the removal company upfront about the kind of insurance they offer, the coverage, and the terms and conditions associated with it. 

After you had hired the removalist, have a copy of the documentation on you for safety purposes.

Is the Removalist Ready to Provide an In-House Inspection?

Save for a few small-scale moving operations, most of the removalists will be ready to provide an in-house inspection for free to give you an estimate of the moving charges along with some basic moving house tips. They will look for the volume and the type of things that are needed to move so that they can be ready with the required packaging materials and vehicle on the moving day.

You can get an idea of the professionalism of the furniture removal company by seeing the way they performed their initial inspection. Are they professional in their approach? How forthcoming are they in providing the details about their service? It is your chance to get as much information as you can possibly get from the person who has come for the inspection.

Are They Ready to Provide a Free Quotation?

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Almost all of the removalists will provide you with an obligation-free quotation after the free inspection. Even if not, if you provide all the details about the things that you need to move and the location to which it has to be moved along with the date of moving on the phone, they can give you an approximate estimate of how much it will cost you. Be careful when you are talking terms about the charges.

There are some local removalists who may have hidden charges that you need to pay extra. Therefore, be upfront about the pricing and get all the details possible. Also, when getting the price quote, get it documented in paper and sealed by the company with the company’s address and contact details on it. Get it in words regarding the kind of services that are included with the price quote.

If they offer any extra services after the payments, be sure to ask if it is a part of the package. Ask straightforward about the probabilities where extra charges may be levied – may be for the extra time in transportation, long hours of waiting outside the destination place for delivery or any other reasons.

Only after you get satisfactory responses for all the above questions should you proceed with hiring the removalist for their services. It pays well in the end to be cautious! Therefore, be careful and fully conscious about who you are going to hire from the list of local removalists in Adelaide.

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