Creative Ideas for Women to Make Different Hairstyle at Home

Creative Ideas for Women to Make Different Hairstyle at Home

26th December 2016

When you are working at your home, you need to take care of your hair and at the same time look good. Hairstyles are not easy to adopt once you have had cut and styled your hair, and they are even difficult to maintain. Here is a list of Do-It-Yourself hairstyles that you can easily adopt and maintain at home. 

Making the hairstyles mentioned in this article does not take much of your time and you can continue with your work uninterrupted. All the hairstyles listed here are basic and do not need anything except hair bands and a hair comb.

Side Braids:

Take a comb and brush your hair over your shoulders. Put the hair on either the right side or the left, it works well on both sides.

Waterfall Braid:

Comb your hair straight back, take two light portions of hair strands and interlace them alternately leaving the straight hair part underneath the interleaving. 

Twisted Ponytail:

Divide the ponytail into two sections, take one section and twist it, take the other section and wrap it around to create this unique and easy going look.

Cross Section Parted Hair:

Comb your hair straight and take two portions of straight hair, put one portion of hair over the other and use a clip to hold the strands together. Go with an easy look by putting the strands over straight combed back hair. Leave the rest of your hair down, or you can style it and curl it as you see fit.


Comb your hair and divide it into two sections, take the two sections of the hair and divide it into equal strands, both on the left and right. Now take the strands and interleave them keeping the upper part of the hair smooth and braid free. Interleave them to the tips and feel beautiful.


An unkempt ponytail looks just as good as a shiny and tapered ponytail. Choose anyone and gather all of your hair at the back of your head while gripping the knot portion tightly. Tie the knot up with an elastic hair hand. You can choose to comb the sides or leave it be, depending on your comfort levels and style carrying sense.

Basic Twist:

Take a thin portion of your hair from the basic ponytail and wrap it around over the elastic hair band and fix it in its place with the help of bobby pins.

Scarf Twist:

Take a regular scarf and tie it on your head, starting from above the forehead right to the back of the head. Comb your hair down around the scarf. After that, take equal sized hair portions and use the scarf to interleave it back and forth, so that it twists properly with the scarf. Do it for all the strands. 

Hair Bow:

Comb down your hair or you can keep it curly as you see fit. Take two strands of hair from over your ears and tie them up over the straightened hair like a bow. Clip it with a bobby pin to get a distinctive and cool look.

Double Ponytail:

Divide the hair on your head in two hemispheres. Comb one part evenly and pull it over to your side. Use your hands and make a vertical knot on your head, making the ponytail droop to your left shoulder. The ponytail has a vertical base and slowly droops towards the shoulder to give a fountain look. Now take the other hemisphere of hair and make a regular ponytail out of it. 

Hairstyling is easy and fun. Remember, your hair is the only thing of your body that you can easily accessorize according to your mood and achieve different kinds of looks.

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