Find the Right Hairstyle for your Face Shape

Find the Right Hairstyle for your Face Shape

4th April 2017

In today’s age, hairstyles are important as having a hairstyle that amplifies your beauty improves your confidence levels and opens up new dialogue options when you talk with someone. If someone likes your hairstyle, they would be open about it and compliment you, thereby boosting your confidence. Different hairstyles project you in different lights.

Hairstyles can be groovy, suave, flamboyant or cute. Having a great hairstyle makes you the talk of the town. Selecting a proper hairstyle for your face shape is difficult as you cannot see your face unless you stand in front of a mirror and even then, proper face shape determination is difficult as the what you see is your mirror image. With so many things to consider before selecting a hairstyle for a face shape, it is very easy to get confused.

Follow the steps mentioned in this article to figure out what kind of a shape you have and what hairstyle suits you best. What you need is a comb and some portrait pictures of your face. You would also need a measuring scale and a mirror.

Face Shapes and Hairstyles

Oval: An oval face is the most versatile face as about any hairstyle goes along with it. An oval face has facial features in the form of a chin and forehead size that is comparable. The chin and forehead would always be proportional to each other, keeping the cheekbones and chin in a smooth flowing curved line, giving an overall oval shape to your face. Such a face can have a big forehead and short chin or a small forehead and a long chin. For such a face, you should determine what facial feature you want to highlight and style your hair accordingly.

Hair cut for oval face

Round: A round face has a round and wide chin with a round forehead, and for this kind of a face layered lines of hair which are of considerable length suit best. This hairstyle showcases your chin making it look a little tapered. You can also play around with other exciting cuts that have long length layering in them.

Hair cut for round face

Square: With a wide and angular jawline, a square face also has high and wide cheekbones and a flat forehead. For such a face type you can play with layered cuts of graduated length, or a thick cut in the back, keeping the front strands long and flowing. This style works best when you take into account the angle of your jawline. 

Hair cut for square face

Heart: A heart faced shape is the safest shape to play with, as only some hairstyles work with the small chin and large forehead. For such a face, hairstyles that do not put the wide forehead into the spotlight should be adopted. Pick one that is light and flows along with your cheekbones and jawline, and at the same time covers the forehead. 

Hair cut for Heart face

Long: A long face is actually almost similar to the oval shaped face, and the long face can also have square face accents to it, meaning you are looking at comparable sizes of cheekbones, chin and forehead. For such a face shape, crop your hair short with graduated cuts, or you can have long curly hair along the side of your face that puts spotlight on your forehead.

Hair cut for long face

Diamond: A diamond face is a unique face shape as it features a narrow chin, a narrow forehead and large cheekbones. For such a face, try out hairstyles that highlight your chin and mouth area making them look bigger. You can opt for full straight lines or a bob cut that is proportional to the length of the chin from the forehead.

Hair cut for diamond face

This is the ultimate guide to making your look good by helping you choose the right kind of hairstyle. Visit your hair stylist now and feel beautiful.

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