How Hair Treatments Help to Bring My Damaged or Dead Hair Back to Life

How Hair Treatments Help to Bring My Damaged or Dead Hair Back to Life

19th July 2017

Our hair is an integral part of our body and we love it, for it is the only thing that can make us look different from time to time through the various hairstyles we adopt. It can change attitudes of people around us and can push us to live a more positive life. However, just like any other part of the body, the hair goes tremendous wear and tear.

Since hair is affected by the heat, dust and pollution of today’s environments, it comes under polluted rain, sticky humidity, and intense sun all the while. Therefore, caring and treating your hair is of utmost importance. 

Indulge yourself in a date with your precious hair and give it a caring massage and wash-over.

How does treating your hair help it?

Since the hair undergoes massive wear and tear all the day, a brief everyday treatment for the hair is necessary. This can help you keep the shine and softness in your hair, keeping it wavy, and preventing it from falling prematurely. 

A hair strand when cut transversely and put under the microscope, reveals three layers: the inner fibre: the medulla, the middle layer: the cortex and the outer layer: called the cuticle. It is the outer layering of the cuticle that prevents the hair from damage and protects it all around. 

A damaged cuticle means that your hair is slowly losing its shine and lustre. Other signs of damaged hair are split ends, brittle hair, coarse texture, itchy scalp and zero elasticity. Damaged hair is also difficult to tie up and comb because it becomes easily tangled and gets broken with a slight pull.

A proper hair treatment strengthens the cuticle, provides nutrition to the hair roots, frees the scalp of dead hair cells and itchiness, moisturises the hair and prevents it from sticking together. Treating the cuticle also means hair gets increasingly shiny and lustrous with time. Healthy hair shows great thickness and great volume, and also makes hair free flowing and bouncy.

Tips to keep your hair healthy

1. Brushing

Brushing your hair properly reduces tension from your hair and makes the scalp regulate the nutritive elements properly. Brushing of hair also removes the hair that is broken off and lying on the scalp and thus frees the scalp. However, brushing of hair from root to tip or when it is wet only increases the amount of damage to your hair. Working in small sections of the hair length is the best for maintaining hair health.

2. Proper Hairstyle

Avoid hairstyles that put a lot of stress and strain on your hair and on your scalp. A high tension hair is prone to breakage faster than free flowing or loosely tied hair.

3. Hair Cuts

Clipping your hair every month gets rid of split ends and makes your hair grow in thickness. A good cut not only styles your hair to make your hair look fuller and nicer, it makes your hair healthy as well.

4. Hair Washes

Contrary to what people tell you, you should not wash your hair everyday unless you want to strip your hair of all the natural oils it has. Stripping your hair of these natural oils not only harms your hair, but makes it unmanageable.

5. Shampooing Your Hair

Apply shampoo on the oiliest parts of your hair, the root and the tips. Keeping these areas free from dirt and pollution is very important to prevent hair breakage. Conditioning your hair and applying a mask that penetrates deep ensures that your hair retains all the moisture that it needs. Choose a mask that has honey and yoghurt punched in it. 

Apart from the above tips, there are a few more. Using a soft dry moisture towel for drying your hair and not using hair dryers help a lot in preventing premature hair fall. Also, choosing the right shampoo and hair product is important as well.  Go for something that will hydrate and nourish your hair. Wash your hair properly to get the best out of the products.  Find out the best hair loss treatment and replacement services in your area and apply the possible solution for your damaged hair. 

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