The Unconventional Guide to Choose Best Hair Color for Your Hair

The Unconventional Guide to Choose Best Hair Color for Your Hair

6th October 2016

We love our hair. We do many things to show our love for our hair, we take care of our hair and follow numerous methods to protect our hair as it is the only thing that we can cut and style to get a different look each time. We can also accessorize our hair by decorating it with a range of products, including hair color. However, choosing the right hair color is considered difficult as it involves a great amount of risk and needs a lot of research. We need to consider many things like the texture of our hair, face shape, skin tone, eye color and haircut as well.

Steps you should follow before choosing the right hair color for yourself

Think about your new look

Imagination is very powerful and the first thing that has to be done before considering the right hair color for yourself is imagining how you would look in it. Take your current hairstyle into account before imagining what color would suit it, what accents and stripes to give to your hair. If you have a photographer friend or if you know photoshop then take high quality digital potrait pictures and edit them in a photoshop software, changing your hair colours before you zero in on a color for your hair.

Take face shape into account

Some face shapes are not built for any kind of hair color, whereas some face shapes are destined to have a great hair color, determining the face shape for your hairstyle needs patience and asking different people about what they think your face shape is and what color can go with it. Take account of your physical features along with your collected face shape data and head to a stylist or compare them on your own in a picture viewing software.


If you want to get a haircut when you go for coloring your hair, have a haircut first. You might not like your new styled look if you undergo a hair coloring session first and then a haircut. This also helps in showing you what your current hairstyle with the color you chose makes you look like.

Think about the future

Maintaining a hair color is difficult and needs constant touch ups as soon as your hair grows. When you zero in on a hair color, do think about the amount of recoloring and touch ups you need to do. Haircuts are expensive and you need to take this into account as well.

Eye color

Before you head to the hairstylist, there is one more thing you should consider and that is your eye color. Most people think eye colors do not need to be considered, however they aren’t neccessarily the case. Since eyes are a part of your head, you need to consider what hair color compliments your eyes. For this you can ask your hairdresser for advice.

Choose from a pre-existing and frequented color palette

For your first hairstyle, never go too dramatic as you may not be able to pull it off. Choose from a proven set of hair colors. You can choose from a shade of brown, red, black or blond. Brown is a novel color for your hair and there is a shade of brown for every skin tone. Just as versatile as the brown color is the red color, and there is a particular type of red for every skin tone.

If you are considering to color your hair blonde or black then you must have a light to medium skin. If you have any of these skin tones then you can dye your hair golden blond. If you have a slightly darker skin you can opt for a caramel or darker blond color. Dyeing your hair black is always a good idea as black is again a novel color. However, do not go for deep blacks as they look unnatural. Opt for a brownish or a reddish black.

Follow the above steps for coloring your hair and collect compliments from your friends and family.

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