16 Things your Interior Designer should be asking you

16 Things your Interior Designer should be asking you

30th September 2017

A good interior designer is a one who offers his/her advice and showers you with suggestions but only after asking you certain specific questions and making the effort to know your personality and taste because you can have the best interior decoration done but if it does not match your taste then you have just got nothing done.

Therefore, mentioned here are 16 essential questions that your interior designer should be asking you in order to offer effective interior decoration.

Questions that need to be asked

  • We all have the perception of an interior designer as one who is very stern and who will pay a visit to your home and tell you to get rid of everything. While most designers are not exactly like this, some of them can be. If you encounter one like that, cordially tell them to leave because the first and foremost question that any good interior designer should ask you is “Which are the aspects of this room that you love?” This is a sign that the interior designer is more interested in what you want rather than what he/she thinks you want.
  • The next question asked should be quite opposite, which is “What in the room do you dislike?” Doing so gives the interior designer better perspective and more insight into your likes and dislikes.
  • One of the most crucial questions that every designer should ask is “Which are your favorite colors?” This is essential because colors make a big difference in someone’s temperament. So asking this question will give an idea of which color schemes should the interior designer choose.
  •  “Which colors do you dislike?” This is necessary for the interior designer to know so that he/she does not make blunders when it comes to picking color patterns or combinations for walls, furniture or accessories.
  • “For the purpose of reference, can you show me a sample or picture of something which you liked in terms of architecture?”This will set the base for your drawing room and enable you to get what is desired for.
  • “What kind of interior decoration style do you prefer?” Asking this will pretty much dictate the direction and form that the ultimate look your living room or bed room is going to take. It may be English styled drawing room or an American styled bedroom.
  • “How do you utilize the specific room?” Isn’t this the whole reason why you’re renovating in the first place?
  • “What kind of chair do you prefer while watching television and for how long do you watch television?” If a person watches TV for 30 minutes, then you will not need a cozy cushioned sofa especially for that but if you watch for say 3 hours, you just may need one, otherwise even a rocking chair would do.
  • “Are there any things in particular that you need while watching TV?” This needs to be known because if anything needs to be added in particular, it might affect the entire setup of the room.
  • “Do you plan on getting the whole house renovated or one room at a time?” This question helps both you and the interior designer gain clarity so as to be able to fix budget as well as deadline for completion.
  • “What is your budget like?”
  • “Will this budget actually meet all of my expectations?”
  • “Do you want the room to be painted or do you want new furniture or accessories or all?”
  • “What do you aim to achieve with the design?” This helps the interior designer understand whether you want to get lavish or keep it simple.
  • “Can you show me some readymade design layouts, if you have something specific in mind?”
  • “Whether you want any addition such as a book rack to be built or installed?”
Make sure you get an interior designer that ticks all of these check-boxes.

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