How to choose a best interior design which suits for summer and winter

How to choose a best interior design which suits for summer and winter

5th July 2017

Design and decoration can take twists and turns based on multiple situations and moods. Interior designers are a master and they excel this art of providing the most promising look even in worst situations as per their fit.

Have you ever thought that interior designs may also vary based on the climatic situations? If not, let me tell you this very fact that yes interior designing may also vary based on the climatic situations as well.

Interior design suitability standards are still workable based on summer or winter suitability standards as well. Its absolutely true that an interior designing idea that works in summer may not be suitable for the winter season. Thereby requiring separate choices and creations for separate seasons.

The best way to identify and understand the interior designing standards you need to discuss the things with your interior designer. There are multiple other tips that can help in choosing a best interior design which suits for summer and winter separately. It totally depends on the light interferences and direction of the sun.

Some of the following tips and advices that can be followed are as follows:-

1. Orientation Pattern

One of the most striking features that affect the interior base during change of seasons is the change in the orientation pattern of not only the house but other factors as well. Right from the orientation of the house to light orientation pattern every single element that adds to the interiors has a different feature. A house facing the sun needs a lighter lighting orientation as per day standards as compared to the non-sun facing ones.

2. Solar Path and its Effect Evaluation

The interiors also depend on the path taken by the sun and its light. If the sun directly falls into the house interior a separate interior idea would work as compared to the sun falling from the right or left side. This solar effect tends to make many things vary right from lighting arrangements to the color combinations as well.

3. Color Variations During Different Seasons

Color choices for indoor coloring may also vary drastically during different seasons. The color preference during summer would be cool as compared to bright and hot choices during winters. Select soothing colors of light shades during summers to beat the temperature and select hot and bright colors during winters to give the right warmth to your home ambience.

4. Right Choice Among Lighting Options

Lighting plays a really important part when it comes to interior designing. The rightly placed light can enhance and even diminish the standard of your interior looks. Choose among the right brightness level of lights to even the color variations for different areas, walls and corners of the house. Try placing the lights right in front of the dark shaded part of walls to reflect maximum light within the area.

5. Rugs and Towels Variations

Change the rugs or carpets as per the seasonal variations. Remove the woolly rugs or carpets during the high rising summers to expose the bare cool floor. For the cosy winters spread them back to get back the warmth you desire during winters.

6. Separate Wall Decors as Per Season’s Suitability

Rather than just going for simple wall decors, during summers go for glass based or focal pieces that will reflect lights and light absorbing pieces during the winters.

Just by keeping these few tips in your mind you can definitely give a favourable look to your home interior with people complementing the place each time they visit. 

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