Difference Between Cyber Security and Information Security

Difference Between Cyber Security and Information Security

13th February 2019

If you want to run a successful business in today’s world, whether in large or small scale, you need to use more of your time online. According to statistics, people from all over the globe do spend twice much time online as they used ten years ago. It means that your online presence is the way to improve your business. However, with digital business technology, there are a lot of risks facing an entrepreneur. Some of these risks include cyber attacks, malware, hacking, and phishing among others. Let us have a look at what differentiates cybersecurity from information security (InfoSec).

What Is Cybersecurity Risk?

”What is Cyber Security risk?” is a question that is hard to answer among many of us. When we talk about Cybersecurity risk, we refer to the danger that individuals and business owners face when they use interconnected technology systems. Such a system offers an ideal of insights based on risk mitigation.

What Is Cyber Security?

Now that you know what Cybersecurity risk is, you need to understand about Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity will be the practice of safeguarding the business’s confidential information from any unauthorized access. It, however, requires implementation of different security protocols. Cyber Security aims to manage the attack threats, not only to protect the business but also the customers. We can say that Cybersecurity is all about safeguarding company’s information and data stored electronically.

What Is Information Security?

While Cybersecurity protects information and data from cyberspace threats, InfoSec secures information from outside attack sources not necessarily cyberspace. It protects the available information from unauthorized access, use, removal or modification. InfoSec tends to be similar to data security. The similarity between the two lead to another question, what is the difference between data and information? Okay, data is all information stored in your computer system. When you classify this data and make it processed, this is the point at which we call it information. And once it is information, it requires protection and this is what we call InfoSec.

Differences Between Cyber And Infosec

Now that we have defined what cyber and information security is, let us look at the differences between the two.

Definition: We have seen that Cybersecurity entails safeguarding your company’s information from external attacks within cyberspace. It involves protecting all the electronic data from cyber attacks. For the InfoSec part, it consists of preserving the full information and information system from unauthorized attacks not only from cyberspace threats but also from other external sources.

Security Professional: Cybersecurity deals with persistent threats in advanced form. It implies that the risks, in this case, are imminent and therefore, can break through the cyberspace. Such a warning means that unauthorized access can extract meaningful information from your system. On the other hand, InfoSec deals with data security. With InfoSec, you prioritize resources rather than dealing with the threats at first sight.

Data Value: When we talk of the data value, both systems do it in different styles. Cybersecurity prioritizes on safeguarding the company's information as well as the security technologies from any unauthorized access. It revolves around anything accessible via cyberspace. On the other hand, InfoSec deals with protecting the company’s information from any specific form of attack. It does not consider the cyberspace threats only but also the external sources.

We can agree that the internet and cloud computing are taking over the world controlling our daily lives both in individual and business levels. Therefore, there is needed to stay protected and educated by a professional such as this AusCert Conference, from both internal and external cyber attacks. Understanding the difference between cyber and InfoSec gives you an opportunity to take the necessary protection measures.

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