When To Go To See a Podiatrist and How To Choose The Right One

When To Go To See a Podiatrist and How To Choose The Right One

13th February 2019

It is until when your feet start developing some sort of pain or dysfunctions that you realize how important they are when it becomes a problem to walk. Most mild foot ailments disappear with time. However, when the condition does not change that is when you need to consult a podiatrist in order to get the right diagnosis and save yourself from more complications. 

What's A Podiatrist?

This is a physician and surgeon who is medically and surgically qualified to care and treat the foot and ankle and any other condition of the lower part of the leg. In simpler terms, a podiatrist is a foot doctor. Some of the conditions that affect the lower extremity of the leg include arthritis pain, corns, diabetes complication, and injuries from sports among others. In order to tackle such issues as a podiatrist, you have to dedicate yourself to learning the anatomy of the lower part of the leg with regard to how you can physically assess it. 

Signs that it is time to see a podiatrist

There are danger signs that appear on your foot which serves as signs why you should see a podiatrist. These include; 

  • Swelling feet 
  • The appearance of wounds on the feet 
  • Having pains you can’t explain their source 
  • Bleeding 
  • Feet numbness among others

What To Look For In A Podiatrist?

The choice one makes when it comes to foot care matters a lot since it determines the kind of treatment he/she will receive. Choosing the best podiatrist who is an expert will mean receiving advanced treatment that may end the problem completely. On the other hand, when one receives the treatment from unqualified persons it will mean the problem may not be fully solved. 

There are a number of things to look at when choosing a good podiatrist as highlighted below. 

1. Podiatry Qualification And Experience 

Go for a podiatrist who is fully qualified in the area as well as has treated different foot illnesses like plantar fasciitis, bunions among others. Such a podiatrist is able to make a sober examination and give a correct diagnosis to the patient. This is very important especially for the kid's podiatrist since if a wrong diagnosis is given and hence a wrong treatment, may affect the life of that kid forever. 

2. References By Friends 

It is important to consider a podiatrist who you may be referred to by close friends who may have been treated by him or her similar condition. This will give the confidence that the podiatrist has been exposed to treating various feet diseases. 

3. Clarity In Describing The Condition 

You should ensure that the podiatrist is able to educate you fully concerning the condition, its signs, measures to take and how to fully treat it. For example, if it is a bunion, the kid's podiatrist should be able to give the correct treatment for it so that they don’t keep reoccurring to the kid. This will be very helpful since it serves as a preventive measure. 

4. Ease Of Access 

Unlike adults, children have many problems that occur on their foot as they grow due to increased activity and therefore it is important to have own family children's podiatrist who is easily accessible whenever needed. You may opt for an online or offline children's podiatrist depending on what fits you best. 

What Happens At A Podiatrist Appointment? 

In the first appointment with the podiatrist and specifically a kids podiatrist, he or she gets a thorough medical history about the child so that he/she can identify any cause that may escalate the problem. Therefore, you should have medical records with you when attending the appointment. 

The podiatrist then takes an expert assessment of the foot by checking such things as the flow of the blood, sensation as well as the child’s feeling on the affected area. 

Finally, based on the history and the examination done, the podiatrist gives the right treatment as well as a prevention plan and recommendations on what to be done.

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