Anxiety is good or bad to human beings

Anxiety is good or bad to human beings

3rd August 2017

Since centuries we have been told that anxiety is a deadly disease and that we need to work upon effective ways to relieve ourselves off this plague. But the question is, is it really so? Modern psychologists say that anxiety is a great tool for success. We have all heard that too much or too little of anything is bad, so what if we all can strike a good balance and allow anxiety to moderately do its wonders?

What anxiety actually does for us

Case 1: Say, you are a hard working individual. Now, you have spent years in a particular field and have put in your heart and soul into something. This effort over time makes you feel like you have a lot to lose for the simple reason that you have given it so much. 

Tomorrow, you have your interview with a new company which is offering you a higher post if you are to get the job. Due to this target that you have set for yourself, you have been preparing all day but now that you have done your preparation, you suddenly begin to get anxious because various random questions start sprouting up in your mind. You begin to wonder if your preparation is enough. Whether your clothes are right for the interview? Whether your resume is drafted to perfection or if there is anything missing in your attempt to prepare for the forthcoming interview? Do you think this is good or bad?

Of course it’s good. Even though it is anxiety, it is anxiety in a moderate state. This feeling is making you want to recheck everything and make sure that you are at your best for tomorrow’s interview. This in effect will optimize your chances of cracking it at tomorrow’s interview.

A guy who has interview tomorrow with more preparation

Case 2: Now, assume you were this laid back guy or gal who does not take things too seriously and you were put in the same situation. You would go about it in a way as though you have taken care of the preparation aspect for the job interview and now you’re done. After you were through with the preparation, you were confident and wanted to divert your mind to something else, so you started watching TV and then ate dinner, after which you went off to sleep. When you arrived for the interview, you realized that your resume is not even customized for the particular firm. Then you started getting nervous and this nervous feeling in turn messed up your performance at the interview.

This is certainly not a good situation. But this is a person with no feeling of anxiety pre-interview. Since we have touched upon two cases let’s dive into the third case.

A guy who has interview tomorrow with less preparation

Case 3: If you were this hyperactive, hypertensive human being who starts freaking out about every little thing, imagine what your state would be before such an interview. You would be so nervous that you would keep re-evaluating everything time and again, so much so that you would not get enough sleep and would look miserable on the day of the interview. Not just that, you are hypertensive nature would come across as a nervous wreck with low self-confidence to the jury. This certainly will not get the job done.

A guy who has interview tomorrow with hyperactive

So you see, as has been said before, anxiety is a great tool to achieve success but it is a tool that needs to be handled and every individual needs to learn how to use this tool to their advantage because less or more of anything is a complete disaster. Less anxiety may lead to mediocrity in one’s potential to achieve and more of it can lead to mental illnesses such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder and physical issues such as high blood pressure, heart attacks among many others. So, lead a healthy life and strike a balance with proper psychologist consultation.

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