Are your upset? Try any of these ways to recover

Are your upset? Try any of these ways to recover

2nd February 2017

Feeling jaded at times is inevitable. Everyone in this world has their moments of utter bliss and others which make them feel sad or blue. But what is important to know is that these moments of hurt or pain are temporary and time heals the broken heart for everyone, no matter how miserable you feel. All you need is just a little patience. Although the reasons for ones disappointment with life or a specific situation may vary, the ways to recover from this sadness are mentioned out here:

De-stress yourself with Dark Chocolates

There are various food items that actually help us cope with distress. But nothing beats dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has various benefits since it is the lowest on fat, sugar and calories and has the highest levels of antioxidants and helps in lowering blood pressure levels. This control of blood pressure helps in providing a calming effect so that emotions do not fluctuate, rather they stabilize.

Give yourself a change

Ever thought of the fight or flight reflex that we humans innately possess. Well this can be of great help when it comes to emotions. With emotions you do not fight. There is no point in battling your feelings because the more you battle them, the more they seem to fight back at you. So, the best way is to find your great escape. Consider changing your environment. Take a trip to a destination away from home. It can be to some other country or to some other city in your country. The choice is yours but what you gain in the attempt is a new perspective on life and breathing space. Going off to a different location helps you divert your mind and experience change, which allows you to open your mind and think for yourself.

Explore your house

The next option may help if you do not possess the resources to make a trip. If you intend on staying at home make sure you dwell in a pleasant and clean environment. Start by cleaning and tidying up your house. Draw the curtains so that you allow sunlight to enter and brighten the room. Take a nice shower and put on some clean clothes. Then play some good music, eat tasty food, call over your favorite people and engage in some fruitful activity to pass your time. All this will help you feel good while the painful hurting process fades away.

Play your favorite sport

Another great way to cope with your predicament is to put on your track suit and go play a sport. Any kind of sport does the trick. Be it table tennis, badminton, football or any other indoor or outdoor sport, the point lies in mixing around with people and having some physical exercise to de-stress yourself. It always beats staying alone and drowning in your misery.

Spend some time with yourself

We all live life in the fast lane these days so it does not even occur to us that we can take some time off and go and have a stroll in the garden or park in the front of our house. There is nothing more refreshing than spending time in nature. You can even try sitting by the river bank if need be and just get calm and pay attention to the sound of silence. Ever heard that song. It allows you to open your mind and get more in touch with your inner self and it facilitates self-healing or soul healing.

Gratitude is the best supplement to feel better. Whenever you feel low, just think of those good 

Times in your life knowing that those good times can come back to you again and that you are worthy of it. No matter what has happened in your life do remember that the light at the end of the tunnel still shines for you.

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