What are the best ways to calm yourself down while you are under pressure

What are the best ways to calm yourself down while you are under pressure

28th September 2016

The life is full of hustle and bustle, throws challenges to survive on every moment, and keeps us on relentless pressure now-a-days. But it becomes obvious to get rid of those obstructions, to survive on, to achieve the goals we set on and to keep walking ahead. To move on solving those never ending paradoxes, we must have to stay calm under such pressure. Here are the tips: 

Know yourself, be yourself

Know yourself first. Know, who you are and try to listen yourself in order to be yourself. Never try to compel yourself to live on another’s life. If you do so you will be leading a life that is not yours. You will be one that is not you.

Stay contented with what you have

Try to be satisfied and contented with what you have and your potentiality. Never do confuse and mess your life up with the idea of achieving the things what others have. 

Build self esteem, put things into perspective

Collate your skills, talents, reputation and experience and reevaluate them in order to fight against nervous breakdown in stress. This will help you to things into perspective and logical. 

Try to identify the ‘panic signals’ and relax yourself

At the time of emergency or something unwanted or unusual happening the stress hormone runs through our body, makes it all alert to combat the challenges. Identify those ‘panic signals’ and cool yourself down by forcing your brain to think positive. Once you can do it, you can give better attention to the problem than the previous. 

Take on the ‘fear-feeling’ logically

When you face the challenges, just count your ‘fear-feelings’ and take them on one after another with full of positive and logical approach. You’ll be surprised to discover that things will no longer be negative, challenging or fear psychotic. 

Practice breathing properly 

It’s one of the best therapies to stay calm in need. Take deep breath in, hold it for moments and then exhale it out slowly. Keep repeating it with the mantra, “breathe in and breathe out”. 

Take rest, deep sleep

Having a deep or sound sleep once in a day will make you rejuvenated and recharged. It will help you to adapt more logical approach towards the challenges. 

Try to set aside the negative thought

Negative thought leads to the negative approach and the reaction to the problem. Slowly it will engulf you and will make things worse. Never forget that most of them are merely thoughts, not the fact. So, try to ignore those menaces. 

Don’t pay hid to the negative possibilities

Stay away from asking yourself repeatedly, “what if”. It reduces the positive energy. 

Try to remain disconnected

Practice the art of renouncing and disconnection from all the elements of this mortal and material world; stay offline, switch your phone off and reorganize yourself. 

Control your vagal tone

It’s necessary to control your vagal tone to stay away from stress and regularize your heart beat. To do it, 

  • Practice meditation. 
  • Eat more fish and nut to consume omega 3.
  • Do some physical workout and 
  • Generate positive thought. 

Learning new things and practice of it makes a man perfect

Learning new things and repeated practice of it will make you flawless; lead you to get into the “zone” which will enable you to face the challenges successfully thrown at you. 

Always remain grateful

Remain grateful to others for their contribution in your life and acknowledge them with gratitude. It’ll create an adorable and very friendly atmosphere which will minimize the stress due to the hardship of life. 

Do ready your support system

Know your inabilities, weaknesses and ask for and gather the needful assistance for the time of crisis. This way you can build your support system in need. 

Now just practice these things and live a stress less life. 

The above mentioned pointes will help you understand the trick of how you can stay calm under pressure. Staying calm will not only open your mind but also help generate new and fresh ideas. Therefore, it is important to adopt the policy of staying calm in your life.

Calmer you are, better be the results!

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