What are the common differences between psychiatrist and psychologist

What are the common differences between psychiatrist and psychologist

11th October 2017

Sometimes we do perplex the conceptions of psychiatrist and the psychologist. Both are same to most of us. Yes, both deal with the mental disorder and fix it but it does not suggest that both are same. Think, if both are same then why we need both differently!? Yes, the purposes of their jobs are same, but the procedure, method, intensity and the integrity made the difference. Besides knowing your psychological problem, it is also very important to know whom you need to visit to. 


Psychiatrist is a medical practitioner or physician or doctor who treats the mental disorder, administers medicine. He has the degree of medicine and has the special training to assess, to diagnose, to treat, and to prevent of mental diseases. The best part of the psychiatrist is that he can administer medicines. He can also do the surgery. 

Psychiatrist builds his domain of knowledge by observing the unusual and distressing conditions. He uses a special diagnostic system to identify the syndromes filled with thoughts, feeling, emotion and behavior, investigate them to find out the personal, social and physical causes behind the disorder and shows the effective ways of help. Psychiatrist deals with acute mental disorder or psychosis which involves medicinal treatment. There are the different psychiatrists with different domain of psychiatry. 

Addiction psychiatrist: deals with patients addicted with drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. 

Biological psychiatrist: deals with the mental disorder under biological functions of nervous system.

Child and adolescent psychiatrist: deals with the pediatric issues and the problems happen in the adolescent period. 

Emergency psychiatrist: treat human mind in critical condition. 

Forensic psychiatrist: deals with the psycho of the alleged criminals. 

Military psychiatrist: deals with the depression happen to the army personnel during war. 

Neuropsychiatry: the physician treats mental problem occurs due to the nervous system. Etc. 


Psychologist has a doctoral-level degree in psychology. They are called ‘counselor’ or ‘therapist’ too. They use to counsel their patient and the method is merely vocative. They can’t administer medicines, although, a new discourse is arrived regarding their right to administer medicines and treat their patients this way. They are also well-trained professionals in using of different models of psychological therapy, e.g. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and at least one more psychodynamic or psycho systematic model, etc. 

The practitioners of this discipline have long history to apply more formal approach to uncover both normal and abnormal states of mind. And to do so, they give emphasis more on analyzing psychological mechanism than psychological one. 

Psychologists deal with a wide range of patients suffering from minor neurosis to even schizophrenia. They also specialize in specific assessment or therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy or neuropsychology. 

Apart from the medicinal world, psychologist can be seen in different world, doing the same job differently. We have already discussed about the clinical psychologist who counsels his patients. Besides this, there are ‘industrial or organizational and community psychologist’ who also counsels to pacify their mental problems and uses different therapeutic model. 

Education psychologists conduct the psychological research to make education more pupil-friendly and cognitive. 

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