Why should we consult a Psychologists?

Why should we consult a Psychologists?

23rd November 2016

Two types of people need psychological ailment in life; who is suffering from anxiety, phobia, depression, or other mental disorder. And, who is not suffering from any type of psychological disorder, or suffering from minor problems, is the other one. Now, what is the psychological disorder? Generally, when we do loss our conscience, our control over our thought, brain, and loss our logic, we tend to suffer from psychological disorder. There are different names and types of this disorder which obliges us to visit the doctor. 

Anxiety and stress 

It is inevitable to live life in anxiety and stress. It becomes the unavoidable part of our personal and working life. But while dealing with them we lose control over ourselves and get succumbed into it, this is the time to seek for psychological ailment. 

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

When our personalities become rigid, stubborn, inflexible, fastidious and non-responsive, when the irrelevant thought, images keep coming persistently and recurrently in our mind, and when we obsessively do things or behaves repeatedly, we are suffering from ‘Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder’ and severely need immediate psychological counseling or treatment. 


Depression is very common mental disorder the people is suffering from and it becomes epidemic. When we lose interest in things, in life, feel fatigue and can’t control over our emotion, the scuidal thought overcasts our mind, we fell in ‘blue’. Immediately we should visit to the psychologist. 


Everybody suffers from some common phobias, like, algophobia, androphobia, altophobia, phobophobia, polyphobia, sitophobia, etc. Now, when those negative feelings lead serious health hazards, it’s the time to act. 

Mental disorder

Mental disorder is a serious threat for surviving in this competitive world. Some of them are, ‘Bipolar Disorder’, ‘Major Depressive Disorder’, ‘Schizophrenia’, ‘Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder’, etc. In most of the time it becomes hidden and disguises in something else. Only the professional practitioner can pull it out and fix it. 

Death of loved ones 

Man is mortal and death is only truth which can’t be alterable. It’s hard to digest the feeling of loss of loved ones for ever. But we tend to do so; accept the truth and move on. But when the emotion burdens up our logical thought and make us to refuse to accept the reality, we start to suffer from psychological problem. Thus, we need psychologist to get rid of. 


Excessive addiction of tea, coffee, hard drink, smoking and drug inevitably lead to the eating disorder, sleeping disorder, obesity, stress and addiction which will make life uncontrollably discomposed. Only a psychologist can help us to get out of those negativities. 

Withdrawal syndrome 

When we renounce any of our long cherished addiction suddenly, we fell in the crisis of withdrawal syndrome. It results in a depression. To avoid this, we should seek for the advices of psychotherapists.  


We are all maniac to anything to some extent. But when we do 

  • Sleep less,
  • Suffer from superiority complex,
  • Talk more than usual,
  • Get involve in excessive pleasurable activities, 
  • Suffer from lesser concentration to one at a time, etc., it reflects the fact that we need to visit to the counselor. 

Preparation for something big

When we do prepare ourselves for performing in any big event, the psychological help makes things easier and achievable. 

Mental clarity

Psychologists are good listeners, listen to us impartially and correct, treat and lead us to concentrate more in order to enhance our logical ability to think and mental clarity. Thus, our performance becomes more intensely task oriented. 

So, to combat the different mental agonies, the only way is to know our problem and to visit to the psychologist or psychotherapist. 

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