Greatest Places For You To Enjoy On Thailand Vacation

Greatest Places For You To Enjoy On Thailand Vacation

4th June 2018

Pattaya, located 147 kilometers southeast of Bangkok on the eastern side of the Gulf of Thailand, began its transition from a sleepy little town to what it is today back in the late 1950s, with the arrival of American soldiers who were seeking some serious R&R away from their military duties.

The elite of Thailand followed the royals to Hua Hin. It was folk of a different ilk that followed the US servicemen to Pattaya. Not surprisingly, these women, along with their pimps and other "pushers" or pornography purveyors moved in as more and more American GIs realized that Pattaya was a place to have fun, and party in a completely free way.

Nowadays, the place where it all started still exists but the once sleepy town around it has expanded and developed into a large city filled with hotels, theme parks, and resorts that cater not just to some footloose guys who are looking for women, but also to families with children looking for fun on their summer vacation. Pattaya is a place where everyone can have fun during his vacation time. Pattaya taxi is the best way to get around Pattaya when you’re on your vacation. 

Pattaya has become one of the most important playgrounds in Asia. It has the brashness and buzz that can be found also in Bangkok with the extra of being close to the sea. Pattaya is not quiet: of course there is a chance to relax but Pattaya is bustling and brimming with activities all day long.

Scenice Pattaya. Get from Bangkok to Pattaya by Thai Happy Taxi

The population of Pattaya in 2005 was approximately 93,000. Surprisingly the percentage of Buddhists is much lower (80%) than the national average. On the other hand, Muslims account for the 15% of the population while Christians are said to make up the remaining 4%. The percentage of people working on the tourism industry is not that surprising, since the statistics show that more than 91% of the local labor force works in some sort of tourist industry, while there are no locally produced products in the area.

Pattaya City has introduced an array of services to help visitors get around the resort city in a more comfortable way. There is a bus service that functions almost all day long, consisting of three lines with separate colors to make it easier for the tourists to identify the route they want.

Pattaya is not only about swimming and drinking all night long at one of the bars; there are many sites to visit as well. First of all, there is a temple worth visiting, Wat Yan Sangwararam, which is located 12 km south of Pattaya. This is an array of temples built around a lake in the style of different nations and dynasties = including Thai, Indian, Burmese and Chinese.

Pattaya can be considered a paradise for those who seek a free spirited time, a laid back atmosphere and of course an array of entertainment venues for all tastes. Whether looking for a nice beach or bustling nightlife, Pattaya can offer everything in abundance; so the only thing you need to take with you is your best mood.

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