Travelling To and From Australia - 3 Travel Tips for Frequent Travellers

Travelling To and From Australia - 3 Travel Tips for Frequent Travellers

20th June 2018

Traveling to and from Australia is no easy task. As the island continent is somewhat isolated from the world, airfares are accordingly a bit higher. Of course, that isn’t stopping the tens of millions of travelers from touching down in Australia, as the land down under is a sight unseen. With incredible greenery, beaches, and hiking spots, Australia has become a hugely desirable destination for travelers. 

And of course, many Australians venture out of their hometown to the rest of the world. As such, I’d like to present a few awesome travel tips for frequent flyers who are jetting in and out of Australia on a constant basis. Without further ado, here are my three favorite travel hacks and tips for Aussie travelers:

Long Flights: Daunting but Doable

The main issue for any flight involving Australia is the long flight. Thankfully nowadays, long flights are not really a burden for most, as we have many options for entertainment and food and drink. However, most people aren’t accustomed to an 18 hour flight, which occasionally is the par de course for inter-Australia flights.

The main aspect to consider when tackling an 18 hour flight is comfort. Make sure you choose your seat wisely. For example, if you plan to sleep for large stretches of the flight, then make sure to grab a window seat. And if you need to get up and stretch a lot (which you should!) then try your best to get an aisle seat. And of course, if you are over six feet tall, it may be worth it to get an exit row seat (usually for another $100 to $200).

Rack Up Airline Miles& Points

The good thing about long flights is that it allows travelers to rack up a ton of frequent flyer miles. Qantas Airlines is Australia’s biggest airline, and they have a great miles and points program called the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program. Qantas Airlines lets you trade your miles and redeem them for some awesome gifts and products, including watches, luggage, headphones, as well as jewelry and over 8000 products from over 500 brands!

However, in case you don’t want to spend your miles on gifts, you can also sell your miles. Find a trusted points broker, and then sell your Qantas Airline miles for money, online with 100% buyer protection for Qantas Airline miles holders. This way you can rack up tons of airline miles, and then get cash back for selling them, which you can then use on any redemption of product and service you prefer!

Save Money

Speaking of saving money with airline miles, another way to save money is via price alerts. Flight to and from Australia are generally a tad expensive due to the long distance – this means bigger price fluctuations for flight tickets and such. If a flight goes up or down 10% over a 24 hour period, that could mean a significant $200 price difference (or more if the flyer is using first class or economy plus).

The best way we’ve seen for saving money on flights is by using websites which have automatic price alerts set up. You can input your flight dates and locations, and the website or app will then tell you two things:

  • Whether they think the flight price will go up or down over the coming days and weeks
  • If and when the flight price goes up or down, you will get an immediate alert

This can be crucial when buying tickets for a few people at once. Many flight ticket websites and apps have algorithms which have become quite adept at being able to predict flight price trends. The most popular website seems to be Skyscanner, which has this service geared specifically toward Aussie flights.

Enjoy Your Flight!

I hope that you enjoyed my Aussie travel flight tips – hopefully now you can comfortably manage a long flight, rack up those miles, and make sure you save and earn money throughout the process.

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