Computers and all smart computing devices have become the primary requirements of people around. The need for a personal computer in the form of a laptop or at least a desktop is highest in the developed countries.

Australia is one of the developed countries in the world and has taken giant strides when it comes to the technological field. And on such thing that pays to this development is the literacy rate that is existent in the country.

Of course, the requirements of a better programming software and high graphical hardware components have given rise to quality and fit and finish of every computing device. Hence, with these big developments in the sector, the need for proper business sectors to take care of their longevity has taken a big part of the economy by the day.

Yes, I am speaking about the computer repairs in Hobart, the small or medium scale businesses which have taken the PC world to a new level, right to all corners of Hobart, which is one of the most popular cities in the big island country.

So if you have been looking for the best computer repairs Hobart, here are the best answers to your query. These local computer repair shops have skilled professionals dedicated to restoring your computer in the best way possible, without much of a hassle in their operations.

So here are some service providers which are the best centers for computer repairs Hobart. After all, it feels good to get all the answers at one place rather than visiting ten places.

The Centers For Computer Repair Hobart To Fix Hardware Or Software Issues

Shop 1, 93 New Town Rd, New Town, TAS, 7008

The Hobart Computer Repairs can turn out to be a one-stop answer to most of the issues with computers and the likes. Irrespective of the problem that you are facing with your PC, be it managing the computer networks or upgrading the hardware or software components, this centre is highly trustworthy.

Besides the usual fixing of the computer networking and hardware components, this centre also provides some extra services which include fixing of broken LCD screens of any device immediately.

Software installation, Computer network management, Screen repairing, Removing spyware or viruses, System upgradation, Software upgrade

Irrespective of the fact that you use protective skins and hardshell covers to protect your laptops or smartphones. The device will still be vulnerable to damage due to unfavorable blips. One of the most common mishaps happens when you have that one all-important smartphone or iPad and use it for business purpose and it slips off from your hand and crashes onto the ground. Of course, you will never like using a device that has its screen cracked into pieces.

But the centers for computer repair Hobart have an answer to these cracks. Starting from cracked iPhones to iPads and laptops, you can get any type of LCD screen repaired.

6/111 Macquarie St, Hobart, TAS, 7000

Hobart Computer Doctors has a team of local technicians that offers specialised computer repairing services in all the major areas surrounding Hobart in Tasmania, e.g. Bridgewater, Claremont, Kingston, Mornington and Cremore.

If you are not able to spare some time during the business hours, the company also offers its services after hours and at weekends.

Hobart Computer Doctors allows you to book for computer repairing online. You can also opt for remote support in case the system can be fixed by you itself with some technical support. The company doesn’t charge any fee if your computer has not been fixed.

Improving computer speed, Desktop repairing, Laptop repairing, System upgradation, One-on-one training, Broadband and ADSL installation, Computer network management

Wayne Perryman

Apr 29, 2016

My experience with these guys was very positive. I was surprised at how quickly they could come to my house to help me, and was impressed with the tech's knowledge and speed to solve my problems. I'd happily use them again.

A slow working computer is as good as not having a computer because that’s what computers are for, to help you complete your work faster and in a more systemized manner. Get your system checked from repair centers in TAS, which helps you speed up your computer and the final outcome as well.

Any other problem on your computer hardware can also be easily sorted out. They will also help you with installing your Broadband or ADSL networks. You can also contact them if you are facing any problem on the network connection of your device.

2/101 Campbell St, Hobart, TAS, 7000

IThelp4you is a one-stop solution for you if you’re looking for computer repairs Hobart. Whether it’s your laptop or desktop, the professional team at IThelp4you is there to sort out any problem you might be facing. A 24/7 support system ensures that you can reach out to them at midnight or even early in the morning.

From hardware maintenance to software upgradation, data recovery to network security, IThelp4you is there to help you with everything related to your system.

Laptop Repairing, Desktop Repairing, Operating System Installation, Computer network management, Recovering lost data, Network Installation and Maintenance, System Upgradation

When your system fails, you don’t need to worry about losing any of your important data, Computer repair centers in Hobart help you recover your lost data in almost no time.

This computer repairs Hobart have all the resources and manpower to repair your laptops or desktops at your place any time of the day. You can also contact these repair centers in Hobart if you are looking to upgrade your system or install any particular Operating system. A team of professional experts is always present to help you out with anything you need.

81/89 Brisbane St, Hobart, TAS, 7000

The Principal Computers repairing centre is one of the leading centres of computer repairs Hobart. It has set itself up with a wide array of services. In short, whatever your issues are, Principal Computers can get it fixed to be good to go.

Starting from the general assistance with computer repairs and virus removal, Principal Computers extend its service over from the sales of computer components and peripherals to server management. So whether you need basic assistance or high-end support, trained technicians from Principal Computers are at your service, always.

Printer setup and repairing, Cartridge replacement, Computer peripherals sales, Computer accessories sales, Software development, Laptop repairing, Desktop repairing, Server management

Ian Bell

Dec 19, 2017

We are an older couple travelling around Tasmania and for many months have been having issues sending emails from our laptop. We were referred to Principal Computers by Optus Hobart this afternoon because Optus were unable to help us with our issue. When we located Principal Computers in Brisbane Road we were very promptly attended to by an extremely helpful young man named Caius Sharman. Even after we explained that we were "technologically hopeless" he was still very willing to help. Caius was pleasant, polite, extremely helpful and even answered an unrelated question we had about our tablet. We would recommend to anyone (particularly oldies); to visit Principal Computers with any challenging computer problems or questions you may have. You'll be certain to have your issue dealt with effectively and professionally. Kind regards. Ian and Jenny Bell

How good would it be if you could get all your computer-related business done right under one roof with affordable computer repair prices? Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could buy computer peripherals and other such accessories delivered right to your doorstep and then get the serviceman drop by your house and get the things installed? Makes life so much easier, right?

Also, there are only a few selected computer repair centres in Hobart that offer services related to the networking or server field. Moreover, you can also get custom software developed according to your needs.

393a/1 Sandy Bay Rd, Hobart, TAS, 7001

Express IT Repairs offer all kind of technical support, be it a Windows PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone or TV. The company offers to fix your tech problems by visiting your home the same day. Moreover, it also assists you with slow computer, data recovery, virus removal etc. You can also seek assistance with setting up new devices and getting trained in case operating the device is a complex process.

Desktop repairing, Laptop repairing, Mac repairing, Removing spyware or viruses, Wi-Fi network troubleshooting, Recovering lost data, New PC set up, Printer setup and repairing

Setting up a new PC is always a headache, there are so many complications to it. What software to install, what are the latest upgrades that you can buy to make sure that your system is running at its full potential. Computer repairing centres in Hobart make sure that you have your new PC set up the way it should be.

If you’re having any problem related to your printer, these computer repairing centres of TAS has all the resources to check and repair any problem that your printer might be facing, so that you can quickly get back to work and start printing or scanning your documents.

101 Murray Street, Hobart, TAS, 7000

One of the oldest centres of computer repairs Hobart, Active Computers is active since 1988. It can help you with services like repairing, parts replacement, software upgradation etc. Say you are annoyed with too many pop-ups, or your system refuses to boot, give a call to Active Computers, and they can help with it with a 24-hour turnaround.

In addition, the company is also engaged in buying and selling of used computers and parts. It also claims to be a specialist in repairing legacy computers.

System upgradation, Software upgrade, Replacement of parts, Removing spyware or viruses, Wireless network setup, One-on-one training

Alan Howard

Jul 05, 2016

Had the guys at Active Computers repair an old XP machine for which others had said was too old and only wanted to sell me a new PC. The old machine is now working fine. Recently asked them about my iMac which kept going slow with the "Spinning Wheel of Death". They diagnosed it as needing a new hard drive. They fitted a new type solid state hard drive with no moving parts, transferred all my data, installed all the programs some of which were quite complex, all in one day. Very happy to report the iMac is now very, very fast and completely silent. Thanks for all your expertise guys.

There are only a few computer repairs centres in Hobart that provide chip-level service to your computer peripherals. When anything is wrong with your motherboard or any other part inside the CPU, these centers have experts who excel in repairing anything inside your system without even replacing it.

You can also approach them if you want to learn certain tricks that can help you solve some minor problems affecting your system. You don’t have to go to them every-time you face even a little problem. Upgrading your system is another service provided by these computer repairing centers in Hobart, TAS.

93 Derwent Park Rd, Moonah, TAS, 7009

Established in the year 1995, Computer Services has an experience of more than two decades of repairing and solving all computer related problems in and around Hobart like Brighton, Bagdad, Sorell, South Arm and Margate.

With a team of professional experts, this computer repairs centre Hobart solves almost all your computer problems on-site. It offers fixed price solutions that cover most of your service requirements. Additional charges, if any, are also very reasonable and affordable.

Desktop repairing, Laptop repairing, Mac repairing, System Upgrade, Recovering lost data, Cloud computing

Alan Robertson

Apr 06, 2016

Most helpful service provided by Computing Services Came to me and nothing was too much trouble.

When your laptop or desktop faces a problem, be it any physical damage or any software issue, it becomes such a big trouble as you have everything stored in it. Not being able to get access to your contacts, not being able to make calls, or not being able to send your emails, a problem with your smartphone makes way for so many more problems.

These computer repairing centre in Hobart, Tasmania have the best services to get your system working in the shortest time frame possible. Not laptops or desktops, it can repair other electronic devices like a MacBook or tablet that is having any problem, minor or major.

297 Davey St, South Hobart, TAS, 7004

From technical support to computer advice and computer training, the IT Girl offers almost all computer related solutions. They specialize in providing computer solutions, especially to home and small business computer users.

Depending on your comfort and requirement, you can ask them for on-site or off-site solutions, and they are flexible enough to look after all your demands. You can trust THE IT GIRL for almost any type of computer-related services, and they are sure to not disappoint you.

Improving computer speed, Installation of computer equipment, Recovering lost data, One-on-one training, Wi-Fi network troubleshooting, Cloud computing

One of the most irritating thing while working is when your device is having any problem getting connected to Wi-Fi. It gets you disconnected to the entire world of the Internet. Computer repairs centres in Hobart solve any problem that your system might be facing and gets you connected to the Internet in no time.

Are you sitting free at home? Contact these computer repairs centres in Hobart and get some training and another computer-related advice from experts and up your computing knowledge. These computer repairs centres also offer cloud-based support. 

189 Liverpool St, Hobart, TAS, 7000

The Computer Trader covers all your computer requirements covered by offering you the right solution using the right technology and expertise, which makes it one of the best places of computer repairs Hobart.

Computer Trader also offers on-site services and takes pride in its quality of service in problems related to your computer, laptop or tablets. It also offers a 12 months warranty on full parts for a new system and 3 months warranty on reconditioned systems.

Desktop Repairing, Laptop Repairing, System Upgradation, Software Upgrade, Removing spyware or viruses, Wireless network setup, Recovering lost data


Apr 04, 2016

Knowledgeable and friendly staff, they had what I wanted. Great bunch of blokes!

Not staying updated and upgraded is not an excuse when it comes to using your laptop or desktop, especially for professional use. With so many upgrades coming almost every month, It’s the need of the hour to keep your system updated.

The computer repairs Hobart centres assist you in upgrading your system so that you’re not far behind your other colleagues and friends. They also have professional experts who can repair almost anything related to your desktop or computer. Besides, these centers also make sure that your system is not affected by any type of virus that might affect its performance or safety.

Hobart, TAS, 7000

The PC Doctor holds pride in calling itself a PC Doctor. This computer repairing centre is known for providing hands-on support to your PC or Mac, and get it to be in sprinting shape. The company has local area experts and can help you with almost everything that relates to your computer or Mac.

Plus, the services are not limited to just the computing systems but also guarantees a solution to setting up your wireless network or the new printer that you have just purchased.

Removing spyware or viruses, Computer network management, Installation of computer equipment, Recovering lost data, Laptop repairing, Desktop repairing, Computer hardware replacement

Most of the tasks that we perform on our computer require getting connected to the Internet. A continuous connection exposes our system to potential spyware and viruses. Once infected, the system will not only start malfunctioning but also put your confidential files at risk.

A computer repairing centre in Hobart can help your infected system to restore. It would remove the existing viruses and provide a better protection to avoid such attacks in future. A good computer repair Hobart can also help you in recovering the lost data, making your network faster and configure the new equipment like desktop, printers etc.

As for a matter of fact, nothing can beat the importance of the computing devices in our life. Be it about personal work or professional requirements, we need a computer that should be capable enough to meet our needs. And when that system runs into trouble, it shakes the normal flow of our day-to-day life.

So here, these computer repairing centres in Hobart stand up tall in meeting most of your needs. They provide the perfect support for your computing requirements. While most of the repairing centers are head-on PC and Mac repairing centers, some other act as an all-in-one center for all the computer-related needs.

With so many options available in the city, you can afford to compare and choose the right computer repairs centres in Hobart. You need to consider the following points before trusting someone with your all-important devices:

Services offered - If you have any problems with your system or if you’re looking for an upgrade of the system, you should go to a repair center. But, if you want a particular service, then go for a center which specializes in that particular service.

Cost - Compare the service charges of different repair centers, so that you’re not paying anything more than the standard rate.

On-site services - Always prefer the centers which provide on-site services. It reduces your hassle and gives you a sense of security about further servicing.

Reviews - Like any other store or service, always look for the repairing center’s review. It can be either on the internet or from any friend or relative that has already used their services. You can’t trust anyone with your devices.

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Published: Feb 08, 2018

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