The concept of dance classes Brisbane evolved from the fact of fulfilling the skill requirements in the dancing techniques and styles. The cut to cut classes, the teamwork and leadership, the fun and confidence, all play part and parcel of a beautiful yet an active art form.

The focus of dance classes Brisbane is to build up the self-confidence and creativity of an individual by dance. It has more to do with recreating a technique yet maintaining the old age charm. Various forms of dancing styles are into trend these days like hip hop, contemporary, ballet, tap and jazz.

The dance classes Brisbane concerned with the intention to recreate the concept of traditional dance forms and bring in a new perspective towards this phenomenal activity. Dance schools have designed the classrooms keeping in mind various features like that of safety and convenience, designing of floor and ceiling, digitally updated music technology and the spaciousness for convenient movements.

Dancing has to do with the concept of catching steps on and enhancing further so that it impacts the ability to perform and communicate the same to an audience. The coordination of space, body, shape and effort is what dancing methods are all about. The dance schools try to form synchronization between evaluation, analysis, synthesis and application of a dancing concept.

These best dance classes challenge and inspire to create a meaningful world around. The stereotypes get omitted and a person can inherit a world of self-esteem and self-confidence. Dance schools can change the basic phenomenon by which it was actually known in older times, the art form has now more to do with a holistic approach, being beautiful and more focused.

Following are few of the best dance classes in Brisbane that continue with the practice of imparting training for various dance techniques and styles.

Enjoy The Creative Art Of Dancing From Dance Classes Brisbane

2/43 Adelaide St, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

The range of classes provided is incomparable with any of the dance school in Brisbane. Whether a person steps for the first time in this feel or wants to accomplish the feel of being a professional dancer, the exceptional range offered here are incomparable. This dance class of Brisbane gets bifurcated into three distinctive levels to fetch students as well as to provide perfect environment and facilities.

The concept believed here is that anyone can get to dance, all one needs is an enthusiasm for the moves and steps that can help in realizing a dancing session.

Hip Hop dance classes, Jazz dance classes, House, Fitness, Popping Tap, Contemporary, Breaking, Ballet, Locking

Amy Wilde

Apr 29, 2016

Whether you're a an absolute beginner or an experienced dancer, Mad Dance House has a class for you. The staff and teachers are very friendly and the teachers make the effort to help their students really understand choreography. If you're looking for a fun way to get fit and improve your coordination, I can't recommend Mad Dance House highly enough.

The kind of environment created by MAD DANCE HOUSE is very inspiring and can provide students a comfort zone to dance. Dancing looked at as an artistic practice without worrying about the price. Dance courses with a proper certification get awarded in the professional field.

Learning here can open up opportunities for students to collaborate with some globally renowned choreographers and a class of elite dancers who can provide a world of dancing opportunities. The dancing techniques along with gestures taught here are marvelous.

Public dance class workshops conducted here with the help of wedding choreographer who completed their course. The styles taught by a wide variety of teaching staff. Every individual teacher may have his own style of dancing technique and a distinctive way of imparting the talent and this adds quite many moves to these workshops.

15 Harvton St, Stafford, QLD, 4053

To provide the students with the courage to dance and to shine in all areas is what the dance classes’ Brisbane by Brisbane Academy of Dance is all about. The focus is on providing a positive environment to recreate a passion towards the dancing concept and build the quality of expressions and discipline and not worry about the accompanying dance class price.

The approach taught is with respect to delivering styles with full energized levels and nurturing the best moves out of a student. The students are further given an opportunity to extend their dancing capabilities much more beyond the normal orientation of their dance syllabi helping to make advanced dancers.

Hip Hop Dance Classes, Courses for casual dance classes, Ballet in the classical format, Jazz Dance Cass, Tap, Contemporary, Public Dance Classes, Acrobatics, Pilates and Conditioning Classes

The focus of this Brisbane dance class is on improving dancing techniques and encouraging the implausible creditability. Teaching methodologies stress on providing precision to dancing movements. Also, the concept of teamwork gets the recognition that can inculcate perfection in performances.

Brisbane Academy of Dance works with the idea of bringing out the natural potential of an individual by working on the enhancement of original moves and setting co-ordination between the concentration level and rhythmic beats. The ultimate aim is to make an individual love the core of dancing methods and develop the confidence level.

They have a number of qualified teachers in all forms of dancing styles. Their efforts can help students develop an artistic approach and the stylization choice developed in the best possible manner without worrying about the price.

Level 2, 124 Albert Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

A group of people working towards the concept of transforming dance classes Brisbane into that of a Pole Gym are persons who have a common passion towards the concept of dance and fun, along with it they want to deliver fitness too. They can help provide an incredible experience with regards to the created methodologies.

These techniques imparted after keeping in mind the challenges that can be there in the process. The growth of an individual as a dancer imparted by developing the confidence and self-esteem. Motivation, encouragement and inspiration are the key features this dance school follows.

They provide a six-week term course at an affordable price and these are at a stretch in length since all courses are much more detailed and explained with keen practices done for each.

Pole dancing for the beginners, Sassy Styled Dance, Sensual and sexy style of Pole dance, High intensity and Latin Inspired Movements

Jazz Kelsey

Aug 28, 2012

I have only been doing pole for 4 weeks now but I'm LOVING it! I've got 15 years of dance experience behind me but I have never had as much fun and worked as hard as I do when I take a class at The Pole Gym. EVERYONE should be joining in on this great fitness experience.

The Pole Gym dance school has spacious area and provides unlimited practice timings to assigned dance forms. The instructors provide the required training at all levels of pole performances. The courses designed keeping in mind the needs of individual women and also cater to them who have never been through such training in their life and considered as beginners.

These training with better co-ordinations can be much fun to learn. The courses offered are with regards to the fitness and practiced in a safe and secure environment making an individual learn all techniques of the core field. The course routine teaches them with the sensual techniques and styles of dancing ensuring to get a full added advantage of learning all   pole dancing tricks. The dance class price for these training is also not much.

163 Boundary Street, West End, QLD, 4101

Brisbane dance classes can boast of Rio Rhythmics that is into teaching Latin dance techniques and styles. Latin dance forms are one of the most popular and quickest dance forms. A cultural insight provided here that an individual understands the authenticity and be more passionate towards these dance forms.

One can get equipped with the styles so that it becomes easy to hit the dance floor and deliver the rhythmic moves in continuation. The concept believed here is that it has nothing to do with having a Latin lineage rather the skill can be learned through consistent practice and taught by the best mentors. No doubt then that it is one of the best dance classes for learning a Latin dance form.  A great way to start is with our Saturday night intro lesson at 7.00pm every Saturday night, which is followed by our Latin Mix Party.

Latin dance, Salsa dance, Tango dance, Samba dance, Zouk Lambda, Bachata, Forro, Kizomba, Dance Conditioning, Men's Latin Club and parties every week

Anchalee Currie

Jun 07, 2015

Rio Rhythmics best place to learn Latin Dancing, world class teachers with years of experience. Everyone so friendly... Why would you ever want to go somewhere else? Love it, Rio Rhythmics rocks!

Rio Rhythmics believes that dancing is not about co-coordinating with a partner and connecting to the music rather it is about creating a place to endeavor on a social set up. The dance school located at a centralized place so that more people can reach and this creates a more realistic and friendly environment.

The instructors can teach different dancing styles and techniques maintaining a fun-filled and relaxed atmosphere. They teach with the methodologies of learning based on the concept of activeness and well-coordinated rhythmic movements.

The aim is to encourage a large number of people towards dancing, without worrying for the dance class price. Periodic discussions happening here are to clarify the dancing approach supported with updated videos, clips, and tools on dancing moves that need attention.

Upper Floor, 30 Wellington Rd, Woolloongabba, QLD, 4102

This leading dance class of Brisbane is a combination of fitness, dance, and fun. The art of dance gets imparted in the form of an artistic educational approach to both kids as well as adults. This Brisbane dance class can recreate the excellence in the field of dancing. It can provide ample opportunities to learners as compromise is never made in the quality of teaching. Kids dance classes at the studio can be amazing.

Motivation and inspiration can be the key drivers behind extracting the best dancing moves from an individual. Therefore, people of all ages having any type of dancing knowledge can gain from the techniques taught here are sufficient without getting any type of price worries.

Classical and modern form of Dancing, Jazz Dance Classes, Ballet Dance Techniques, Hip Hop Dance Classes, Gymnastics and Tumbling

nostalgia kids

Jul 02, 2015

The teachers are absolutely superb! I have learnt so much and have loved learning at Maximo ever since I was 3 years of age! This studio is a great place for an aspiring dancer, giving the students a great basic technique, many amazing performance opportunities, and really helpful and great classes of classical, contemporary, national and stretch and strengthening. Thank you so much Maximo Dance Studio!

This studio is famous as a one-stop solution for rebuilding the dancing methodologies and one can have a wonderful fun-filled experience here without thinking much about the dance class prices. They also impart a series of educational programs in the field of dancing.

There is a sense of considerable freedom here so that learners can choose the kind of techniques they are compatible with. Casual dance classes can help a person keep fit and hence knowledge is also given on health benefits so that an individual can get benefitted through this artistic activity.

The studio is well equipped with professional guides who try to focus on the development of students in accordance with one’s own talent and the inherited abilities. The staff is well endowed with industrial experience and fitness freakiness. The skill of learning a dance form can be well achieved.

31-33 Collingwood St, Albion, QLD, 4010

This dance school can help in improving the fitness level, coordination and improve the self-confidence of students who opt to be a part of it. It can be a perfect destination for those who are at the initial level to learn this art. BRISBANE DANCE CENTRE helps in nurturing talent and can take it to an extreme generic level taking the journey of little ones till they can become advanced.

Foundation skill strengthened here can further stoke the enthusiasm to enhance the dancing experience. The kids dance classes are a step in this direction.

Pilates Ball, Musical Theatre, Jazz dance class, Lyrical, Contemporary, Classical Ballet, Stretching, Conditioning, Acrobatics

The best of dancing education offered by experienced and well-coordinated professional trainers. An environment full of promise and nurturing of techniques provided to the students where they don’t have to worry about any of their limitations and an individual can hope to be an advanced dancer.

A high quality teaching imparted by the talented trainers. The dancing course programs are very well designed and completed within the timelines and are quite cost-effective. It caters to people of all ages including tiny tots and the younger generation so that the kids dance classes is quite popular. Ample opportunity provided to talented performers to perform at gala events.

It has large dancing studios all equipped with modern digital acoustics and healthy environment so that enough positivity is created. Dancers often get the needed designing from trainers so that they can take on technically challenging performances with relative ease. It is one of the best dance classes that the city has on offer.

10 Love St, Spring Hill, QLD, 4000

The teaching methodology is to improve flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. Dance classes happen here with a high energetic approach towards the different dancing moves. Apart from dancing ability, self-confidence and self-discipline are also stressed upon through the artistic activity.

A complete dance session here is an amalgamation of creative movements and steps that move in synchronization and rhythmic styles. Proper focus on body alignment with respect to the music played and this is a key concept of this academy.

All Levels of Salsa, Bachata Levels, Samba Levels, Kizomba Levels, Classes on some Specific Learning

Athena Roshani

Jan 04, 2018

It is one of the best dance school in Brisbane! Professional, creative and friendly! Love them!!

They can bring in an amazing aura with their stylish versions of Latin Dance. The attitudes of the mentors teaching the dance form’s can impart a wonderful experience and feel amongst the students. Learners from the beginner to the advanced stages can gain from their talent. They have arranged some world-class dancing events and have provided with ecstatic performances.

The professional teachers are dance-oriented and help create an environment filled with fun and laughter and have a friendly attitude. Their dancing styles come in a lot of varieties. An atmosphere of energy and fun created by them that can make it compatible even for a beginner so that one will not hesitate to put in the needed efforts.

The academy is quite accommodating with wonderful teachers in tow that are ready to teach every Latin dance move. There is a new freshness to the Latin dance moves that are taught here.

4/520 Kessels Road, Macgregor, QLD, 4109

They believe in the concept of providing dancing opportunities to everyone and therefore have public dance classes. The imparted activity is full of charm and excitement and the dance class price is also economic. The environment in which the learning provided is informative and has a technical approach to it.
The talent of each individual is further categorized to attract the desired appreciation. Best and excellent performances always get promoted here since they have laid their foundation on this philosophy. One should experience the best dance classes here for a memorable experience.

Pre Pointe, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz dance class, Lyrical, Tap, Hip hop dance classes, Musical theatre, Singing, Acrobatics and tumbling, Turns, kicks and leaps

The teachings of this Brisbane dance class offered is at a very beginner level catering to the tiny tots, making them learn all levels of dancing techniques from that of a starting stage till the advanced levels. The performances kept as much competition as there is ample fun.

The academy located for everyone to reach the place without any hassle. The setup is well equipped with sufficient spaciousness and availability of digital music systems. The trainers are well-qualified and professional towards dancing needs.

The opportunities created for deserving candidates can develop a sense of self-esteem and raise levels of confidence. Poise and coordination are well taught here at the best dance classes to enjoy a wonderful experience of getting associated with dancing methods.

81 Mina Parade, Alderley, QLD, 4051

The academy located at a convenient and centralized place in the city. The dance teachers here are well equipped with technical dancing skills. The concept of grooming youngsters is religiously followed here.

Jazz dance class, Classical ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop dance classes, Modern, Casual dance classes, Lyrical

This Brisbane dance class can impart students with techniques to develop confidence and long-term magnificent skills. The first week after registration is done, dance classes held with an individual’s own movement and best dancing techniques and styles so as to render a sense of freedom to them. Training offered after looking at an individual perspective and response. Kids dance classes held here with equal aplomb.

26 Glentanna St, Kedron, QLD, 4031

The students get to realize their own potential levels. This dance academy committed to provide a world-class dance education to its students.

Nurturing creativity is the key concept over here. Grooming an individual’s technique and developing a more artistic approach is what this best dance class deal with now.

Jazz, Musical theatre, Acrobatics, Kids dance classes, Tap

This Brisbane dance class provides a renowned dance education. With techniques, quality and skills, the individual performances get judged. A world of diversity and creativity is created amongst the students.

The dancing studio is well versed with the basic required amenities like space, equipment, and environment. Public dance classes in Brisbane are also held here.

Dance Studio or academy is a concept associated with people or community who are passionate about this artistic activity. In earlier times too people had always preferred dancing. In the present scenario people also like the pastime and hence it has increased to a great extent.

Every day, newer trends are emerging that brings in new techniques and styles that are readily adopted by skilled mentors. The Dance studio is a place where seriousness observed in an individual with respect to the dancing form and a talent nurtured with the best of education and support.

So, everyone who has a passion for dancing can learn the art from dance classes Brisbane. There is no need to wander here and there to look for best dance classes Brisbane as there is an answer to all your questions.

This list has the name of all the leading dance classes Brisbane has, so one can select the desired dance class.

If dance is your passion, the experts at these classes can help you in all possible ways. The environment is motivating and full of fun so that students can enjoy and learn dance in the most pleasing atmosphere.

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Published: Jan 12, 2018

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