Dance is another famous profession which are in highlights nowadays. Whenever you will switch on your television; you will find lots of reality shows based on dancing.

Dance professionals are in great demand and many people are taking it as their career. In Melbourne, you will find many dance studios which are offering training in various forms of dancing such as Public Dance Class, Jazz Dance Class, Hip Hop Dance classes Melbourne and much more.

The advanced forms of dances are also in great demand in Dance classes Melbourne as they are offering a number of benefits to students:

  • Relieving stress
  • Stepping up in your social games
  • Learning social lessons
  • Kindling romance during dance sessions
  • Starting new adventure as dance

Dance Class Melbourne will fulfill the needs and requirements of all the age group. They have to make their mood and start their dance lessons in Melbourne dance studios.

There are many dance studios present in Melbourne; it is very confusing for the parents and other people to choose the best one.

Thus, the hunting begins with gathering knowledge about the dance studios in which you have interest.  It’s the time to identify the talent as well as passion among you.

It is a daunting task to choose the right dance studio which has talented professionals who motivate their students and engage them in dance with their heart. Getting exposure from many forms of dance is the first thing which you will experience in dance classes Melbourne.

A lively experience of learning expressions, movements along with minor details of dance will let them feel the excitement and fun during the dance sessions of Melbourne

No dance is complete without its attire; thus every dance has the specific and particular dress code.

Dance Classes Melbourne Can Be Really Rejuvenating With These Dance Studios

600 Little Collins St, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

The Salsa Foundation is one of the best dance classes Melbourne has and the academy loves to teach the art form in ample measure. They believe anyone can dance and it is not limited to professionals only. A very lovely way of having fun along with meeting new challenges is dancing.

No requirement of any experience as well as no partner may be required for dancing. Even a beginner can give a chance. They offer quite a friendly environment to learn the art. With full of fun, there is an option for excuse and hence let’s meet the fun at the Salsa Foundation.

It specializes in Beginner’s Salsa, Salsa Classes, Bachata Classes, Reggaeton Classes, Zouk Classes and private lessons. Come and opt for own private sessions and tailor your own needs for learning pace.

Sam Eaton

Apr 17, 2017

TSF is matchless in staff friendliness and dedication. Jai and Diane are true stars. My only comments would be; more active correction by the floor teachers just after the teaching of the new lesson, and changing partners after two or three repetitions with the same dance partner. The first repetition most of the time is messed up and repeating with the same partner enhances learning.

Everyone starting from zero in dance will have wonderful dance lessons. Having fun in learning along with figuring steps is a quite interesting thing to do here.  You will learn dance under the guidance of instructors which are professional as well as qualified one. 

The salsa dance class is a great place to meet new people and making new friends which will increase your social circle.

Having blast during sessions of learning dance will give you energetic feeling. Besides, it will help you in getting fit and remain active as dancing will burn your extra calories of the body and will keep you in beautiful shape.

The supportive staff here will definitely motivate you to take dancing lessons. In the same way, you will love to attend these dance classes Melbourne.

295 Bank St, South Melbourne, VIC, 3205

Dance World Studios is offering its services to the dancing industry since 25 years as it started in the year 1987. The vision of this group is: to offer an opportunity to young people so that they can recognize their dreams. For achieving the objective, they have come up with this training institution for vocational arts at which the price has been kept quite economic.

Here students can enroll for courses of musical theatre and dance right from the beginner’s level till advanced courses. With years of dedication and hard work, the group has become popular as leading dance classes Melbourne.

The dance group offers full time courses, part time courses, Adults Casual Dance Classes, Junior Dance Programs, Kids Dance Classes, Teens Dance Programs and Public Dance Classes. The students can learn several dance styles in these best dance classes.

Danny T. Jones

Aug 09, 2012

Having previously completed a university degree, I enrolled at APO Arts Academy hoping to reach new levels of ability in the musical theatre style. What I found was a course that was able to both challenge my pre-exisiting abilities and flesh out gaps in my knowledge of both the form and the industry surrounding it. I would recommend the course to anyone looking to make the jump from just performing to being a performing artist.

The team of Dance World Studio believes that opportunity to take part in acting arts should be there for all age students. For this reason, the present programs of musical theatre and dance are open to the students between the ages of 3 to 18 years.

For the teens and children, a range of acting, singing and dance classes are there. The group believes that their success is when they develop the raw talent that is able to meet requirements of the industry.

The dancing faculty in the team of Dance World Studios is of national and International repute. This ensures that students will get the best of guidance to shine in their career.

Level 1, 64 Sutton st, North Melbourne, VIC, 3051

Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance is the largest dance school in the Southern Part of Melbourne. It can provide ample opportunity to talented people to pursue their career in the dance industry.

It offers various courses like Diploma of Dance, Diploma of Musical Theatre, Graduate Mentorship Program and kids dance classes for junior schools.

The ministry of dance conducts workshop in dancing in different parts of the world from time to time so that beginner as well as advanced dance forms can be shared.

This Melbourne dance class offers dancing disciplines in many genres. They are as follows:Ballet, Commercial, Acting, Tap, Jazz dance class, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Hip Hop dance classes

Sarah Kennedy

Aug 04, 2016


Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance provides fun-filled educational dance classes Melbourne. They offer dance classes for beginners along with advanced one which covers the wide array of genres.

Apart from these regular classes, they are also running specialized classes to aid their students in developing their talent for performing in front of the world.

The team of experts is passionate, talented and specialized. They try to bring the best part in their students and bring them into the paradise of dance.

This dance school offers fun-loving dance classes Melbourne with the challenging one too in a unique manner. Focusing on agility, flexibility, coordination and grace will let your body move with vibes of music filled with emotions and expressions.

104 Bay Street, Brighton North, VIC, 3186

Brighton Dance Academy is one of Melbourne’s most prominent dance schools catering to all ages from kinder ballet to adult dance classes. We offer dance training from beginner to advanced levels in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Contortion, Conditioning, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Tap Dancing and Break Dance. Brighton Dance Academy also provides specialised extension classes for our most promising students and all classes help students to build strength, flexibility and conditioning.

Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Contortion, Conditioning, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Tap Dancing and Break Dance

Brighton Dance Academy offers a wide range of dance services to schools and corporate organisations. Our highly trained dance teachers and staff can develop unique programs to cater to your school or organisations’ needs.

As a leading provider of dance classes in Melbourne, students at Brighton Dance Academy receive expert training from vibrant dance teachers. Each of our professional instructors caters to students learning abilities and allows kids to feel success at all levels.

Past BDA students have gone on to train professionally and gain scholarships at institutions such as The Australian Ballet School, Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, The Australian Conservatoire of Ballet, Brent Street Performing Arts, Patrick Studios Australia – The Academy and Full-Time Course, Laine Theatre Arts (UK) and more. We also have students who have performed in professional stage musicals.

Level 1/16 Station St, Moorabbin, VIC, 3189

L.A. Dance Studio is a new dance school in Melbourne and in short time it has gained popularity in the city.

The main aim of the dance studio is to bring in various dance forms to the mainstream. In this way, people’s daily routine can be made more interesting and their fitness and health can also be taken care of along with getting them familiar about the cultural background of Melbourne and hence it is one of the best dance classes in the city.

The way they deliver their dance teaching can be quite praiseworthy and the dedication of teachers for their students is really amazing.

The dance studio makes available all the latest dance styles and can offer classes on the following dance forms:Vogue Femme, Aussie Twerk, TwerkZotic

Bianca Deany

Jun 29, 2017

I started at L.A. Dance Studio 9 weeks ago and haven't looked back since! Completing multiple classes weekly, you can't get me out of the studio! Basically my second home and second family! Kris and Alex are so inspirational as my instructors and have so much talent to offer and share! The best looking studio I've ever danced at and by far the best work out you can do if you are looking for a fun way to get fit!! I highly recommend to everyone!!

A good dance academy offering dance session where you need not have any prior experience in dance. You can completely enjoy the dance with other people and start making new friends.

Combining many steps with the set tone of the music is not only the fun activity but also at a competitive level. Learning to move with grace as well as finesse will make you start dancing in your footsteps anytime.

Finding your own favorite dance style and start learning it from passionate, professionals teachers in this dance academy.

You can redefine the path of dance and start with some moves which you never ever have in your dreams with Aussie Twerk.

6/63 Duffy Street, Epping, VIC, 3076

The main aim of Two's Company Dance Studios is to create a relaxed and happy environment where students can have fun and learn with the people around them in a casual dance class, without worrying for a professional dance class price.

For a first time dancer, dancing can be a daunting experience but with the choice of beginner’s classes and private sessions, one can take excellent training in dancing moves and can learn the advanced versions.

With different dance classes Melbourne caters to the need of different age groups. It offers dancing classes for adults, wedding, kids and teenagers.

This group offers students with the lessons of Adult Ball Room, Adult Salsa and Kids Dance Classes, Latin Dance Classes, Rock n Roll Dance Classes and private classes.In Latin dance, the students can learn dance moves of samba, cha cha, rumba, paso, doble and Jive.

Mara Cassar

Dec 13, 2016

I have had the pleasure of learning to dance from both Steve and Desne. They are two wonderful people who have taught me not only how to dance but also to feel the passion for dance and for that i am most grateful. I've been learning for over 4 years all the various dance styles and have found Steve and Desne to be highly skilled and professional in the way they have taught their students. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Two's Company to anyone wishing to learn the art of dance. Thank you Steve and Desne. xxx

Dancing is a unique way of getting good feelings and enjoying the feeling of relaxation as well as enjoying the fitness. It’s a beautiful combination of mental concentration with physical exercise to relieve your nerves and improves strength.

The dance studio offers staccato movements for teaching controlling and balancing of a body.

It is offering various forms of ballroom dancing which suits the personality of different people. Dancing is a good option for the workout on buttocks and legs.

Likewise, every dance form contributes to the physical fitness.

16B, 77-79 Ashley Street, Braybrook, VIC, 3019

Dance is an art that is not limited to a particular age group. With this belief, Dance Habit group is offering chance to all from children to adults. They offer dance classes Melbourne in a range of styles so that people can recognize their hidden talent.

They are professionals in their approach and one may love to start his journey from a beginner to a dance expert at this group.

Students from all backgrounds and of all ages can learn in a supportive and encouraging environment that is there at the studios of Dance Habit.

The group specializes in: Contemporary, Ballet, and Jazz Dance Classes, Hip Hop Dance Classes, Pilates, Broadway Jazz, Wedding Dance, Tap, Barre Attack etc.

Suzan Doganay

Dec 21, 2017

I only started dance this year and I must say I am blown away with the family community dance habit has built. All teachers are absolutely amazing in and outside of the dance studio, they are ALWAYS full of support and positive energy. They're well organised & extremely professional. Every teacher I have come across are extremely passionate, caring, understanding & full of life. If anyone is looking for a welcoming, family like community to dance with - dance habit is for you!

As per the belief of team of Dance Habit, dance is the art that is for one and all. People sometimes have the doubt that they can never become a dancer. They feel to lack that ability that can make them a good dancer.

Under the guidance of well-trained instructors at Dance Habit, everyone can make their way as a dancer. They help not to learn dance steps but also make the students more confident and generate belief in them.

The students get the environment where caring and motivating instructors and teachers surround them. They learn to trust and respect and become a responsible and social person.

1, 245 Glenferrie Road, Malvern, VIC, 3144

Hit the Floor Dance Studio is a group that works towards making dance an ‘easy-to-pick’ art. They are working with the aim that every individual who love to dance can follow his dream and become a skilled dancer and there should not be any worry for a dance class price.

They offer public dance classes in a wide range of dance forms teaching people of all age groups. If one has passion for dancing, he/she can learn it with the guidance of instructors at Hit the Floor Dance Studio. This Melbourne dance class has helped realize the potential of many interested individuals.

This group specializes in: Latin, Ballroom, Bridal, Salsa, Jazz Dance Class, Zumba, Hip Hop Dance Classes, Belly Dance, Argentine Tango, Wedding Dance etc.

Suny Jay

Apr 10, 2015

I started off with one private hiphop lesson per week. Its been 6 months, now i visit hit the floor dance studio almost every day to attend private lessons on ballroom and latin dancing and group classes of ballroom, latin, jazz and hiphop. The dance crew here are extremely talented and supportive. They organize medal nights on a quarterly basis giving the students an opportunity to perform. I am delighted with my experience at hit the floor and looking forward to improve my dance skills while i train here.

Dancing is the art that brings new energy and enthusiasm in a person. It makes the body fit and flexible. A person can learn the dance for many reasons: to follow his passion, for fun, to stay fit or to learn a specific dance style.

To help people realize their dream, leading dance classes Melbourne are here with the team of experienced, skilled and trained dance instructors.

They offer classes in several dance styles so that one can enroll in the dance style of his choice. So follow your passion for dancing and the expert dancers of the industry will help you on this journey.

11/561 Spencer St, West Melbourne, VIC, 3003

This is the perfect place where one can follow his/her passion for dance and can learn it under the guidance of experts of the industry. Tango Melbourne is the place where even those who have little or no knowledge about dancing can learn this art and become dancing experts. With the experience of years in this industry, the dance experts at Tango Melbourne are here to let to follow your passion and learn Tango dance form under the expert supervision.

At Tango Melbourne, Dance classes are offered to a number of groups including the beginners by the dancers who have years of experience. Under the supervision of experts, people get the interest to join the classes with the zeal to learn and become good dancers.

Micheil Whan

Sep 15, 2016

Tango Melbourne's Tuesdays and Thurdays are great at the Welsch Church. Having been to all three days including Monday at the Exford Hotel it seems that Tuesday is the quieter of the 3 days. So if you are looking for some more personal tango attention from the wonderful Renee and Doni Tuesdays might be for you!

Tango Melbourne is the place where several unique and exciting dance events take place. The participation in these events boosts the confidence of learners. This also helps them learn the unique dance forms performed by the experts.

The environment at Tango Melbourne helps the dancers to stay motivated and boost their confidence. The experts take care of the fact that no student in their classes lose confidence and offer special attention to one and all of the dance classes.

31/993 North Road, Murrumbeena, VIC, 3163

Expose Dance Centre not only offers dance sessions but is continuously working on technical trainings along with professional performances and therefore it is one of the best dance classes in the city.

They have different approach to students so that they can foster them to love dance through the elements of inspiration, nurturing and encouragement.

The dance academy provides dancing lessons for fun along with fitness and can also help in taking it up as a career option. Exposing the lessons of life via dance is a unique approach.

The dance studio is offers many streams of dance. This includes Ballet, Jazz Dance Classes, Teenage Hip Hop Dance Classes along with courses on dance exams.

At the dance academy of Expose Dance Centre, where the students get only excellence and get training in all over dances.

So, for students who do not have dance background need not worry about anything in learning dance. Their exposure starts with training in recreational and offering them a great chance to learn the basic concepts of dancing.

The students will find the best industry qualifies mentors in the dance academy who have excellence in every dance style. The customized dance floors are the specialty of dance studios. The students also take part in world dancing competitions.

Learning does not only improve your mood, but it also contributes to improvement in your physical fitness too. Dance Schools in Melbourne offers Casual Dance Classes, Best Dance Class and kids Dance classes at various Dance class Price.

Each dance classes Melbourne have different prices for the dancing session. You can choose any of the options as per their needs and requirements.

For private sessions, the prices are on the basis of per hour. But, hiring the studio for private learning is little costlier in Melbourne.

The entire session of learning needs dedication from the sides, instructor and students. Practicing dance with your partner will give you immense pleasure and confidence.

But group dance will also allow you to test your abilities with different dance partners and improve yourself on the feedbacks from other partners.

The Dance classes Melbourne will offer you various health benefits and with each dance move, you will learn to control breathing and how to take in the air in different stretches of dance.

It also helps in improving reflexed which in the end help in balancing the body and a great way to reduce stress.

In the city: Melbourne

Published: Jan 30, 2018

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