Buy and sale of the property is a costly affair and no one would appreciate any kind of dilly-dally about it. The fact that we love our properties, be it residential or commercial, makes us very conscious while trading them. And it is very certain that we make mistakes while making such big deals, given our understanding of land and its value. This is where the real estate agents Albury come to the picture.

These agents are no magicians who would fetch a perfect deal for you by using their magic wand. They are professionals, who are experts in understanding the property and analysing the market value of it to provide you with an effective transaction, keeping your needs in mind. It is important to approach them not only because of their skills but also because of the huge capital involved in the transaction.

If you have been looking for a perfect deal for your property, we bring you with a list of best real estate agents Albury who would provide you with the most reliable transaction along with a professional approach to ensure you the best results.

Find The Best Real Estate Agents Albury For A Reliable And Honest Advice For Buying And Selling Property

588 Stanley St, Albury, NSW, 2640

The Drummond Real Estate has been working with the motive to help people buy and sell property in Albury region for over 40 years. It provides regular training to its highly enthusiastic sales team along with keeping them up-to-date with current legislation. This helps its team to provide its clients with fact-based real estate market advice. Its sales team continue to be active participants in the real estate market by constantly looking for better ways to fulfil the needs of the clients with the belief to achieve the very best customer experience at all times.

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Kali Palmer

Feb 13, 2018

Josh was very professional I couldn’t of asked for a better agent, he takes pride in what he does and goes beyond expectations.Josh sold my investment property with in weeks of being advertised. I was a little hesitant as I now live on the Goldcoast and being away I was a little worried ,but Josh made it so smooth he has great communication and kept me in the loop of everything. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone who is thinking about selling.

The process of buying a property could consume a lot of time and energy, and to avoid that, you can contact real estate agents Albury to help you find a suitable property at the best possible price. They advertise all properties available to get sold at a genuine price, making sure that meets your interests.

The job of selling a property is no less difficult than buying one. The real estate agents of your city are here to get you sorted by getting a professional photo shoot done of your property and then advertising it on their website for free. They also make sure that you get the best return possible in exchange for your property.

532 David St, Albury, NSW, 2640

The Elders Real Estate Albury has been working from two great locations, serving the cities of Albury and Wodonga. It has a professionally extensive team of real estate agents throughout Australia who are committed to assisting their clients with all of their real estate needs. It has a dynamic team that takes pride in having a good communication network with its clients and ensures working with dedication and strong work ethics.

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Lauren Oates

Feb 05, 2016

The quality of the service is fantastic. Staff are kind, generous and willing to help. Couldn't find a more passionate Real Estate team! I highly recommend Elders Real Estate Albury/Wodonga.

The job of finding a residential property on rent can be tiring and harassing for anyone. It not only needs your time and effort but also requires you to be specific about your requirements. The real estate agents Albury are here with all the best residential rental spaces in Albury and towns near Albury. All you need to do is to pick a property from their website, according to your need and pocket capacity and move in.

The same process has taken up with the Commercial Rentals. They have these best possibles spaces for all kinds of businesses at an effective rent that would fit your budget. 

647-653 Dean St, Albury, NSW, 2640

Stanley & Martin is a local agency that has been working with a combined experience in the property market for over 85 years. It has a professional and proactive team of agents that can assist you in selling, managing and leasing your property in Albury, Wodonga and the surrounding area. Working along with its knowledge of the local property market and passionate team of agents, it aims to stand tall by providing personalised service and achieving greater results for its long-standing clientele.

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A Google User

Nov 01, 2016

Currently selling my house through them and they are amazing to deal with. The whole team is so friendly and helpful and just the whole experience has been a 10.

The real estate agents Albury committed to providing you with the best selection of new and established homes in the local area. They offer you an all-encompassing building advisory service and streamline the designing process. This helps you to find the perfect allotment and floorplan to match you with the area’s leading new home builders to ensure that meets your expectations.

These real estate agents are here to help you find the best possible deals for your Commercial property by putting the professional pictures of your property on their website for free, making the process efficient and hassle-free.

Suite 1, Unit 19/669 Dean St, Albury, NSW, 2640

Stean Nicholls Real Estate is a renowned corporate company that makes sure about the consistency of the quality of its work in everything it does. It is not only a pro at the real estate job but also does the overall advertising campaign which includes professional photography, brochures, signboards, classified advertising and internet marketing. It offers you with an enthusiastic team that is actively engaged in real estate sales. It strives for excellence through close personal communication and professional support to its clients.

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sixtwoseven cafe

Jan 31, 2017

Professional staff. Friendly service

The real estate agents in your city have a wide variety of vacant lands with beautiful locations that are available for sale. This makes it easy for you to buy a piece of land in your desired location at the smallest budget of the price. These realtor agents will help you fix the best deal with the owners of your chosen land.

Buying a property can involve huge capital investment that may not suit your financial situation is well. The real estate agencies are here with a wide variety of rental properties with affordable rents that are accessible to you.

609 Olive St, Albury, NSW, 2640

Zelle is a local, independent and non-traditional Real Estate brand that has been serving Albury, Wodonga and surrounding areas since 2007. It specialises in sales, marketing, leasing and management of residential property with a deep desire to create clients for life and an unrivalled record of success built on strong ethics. It has a highly skilled team that works with a mission to come out with the best results by taking care of your property and experience.

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Peter Baker

Sep 07, 2016

Zelle are very professional and friendly agents.Phil Bell achieved a great result for us and gave us straight forward balanced advice and made sure that we met buyer's expectations.

Before you think of selling your property, it is important to get the correct value of your property estimated so that you have a clear idea about the price to pitch. The real estate agents are here to rescue by providing you with their function of market appraisal. This helps in the valuation of your property and land at the market value.

The real estate agents hold various types of properties given on lease that are available in your city and towns near it. So, if you have been looking for a property in your budget for any purpose including business, residential, etc. they have got it covered. Go to their website, fill your requirements and get the best results.

640 Olive St, Albury, NSW, 2640

Brian Unthank Real Estate is a privately owned family business that specialises in Rural Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Property Management, Livestock Sales & Clearing Sales. It has been functioning to meet the needs of the local area of Albury, Wodonga and surrounding districts. It focuses on your livestock requirement and an invaluable real estate experience for the past 50 years. Professionalism is the key to its competence, knowledge and efficiency in every small or big task.

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It is sometimes beautiful to visit the rural areas because of their serene atmosphere. Some might like to buy a piece of property in such an area so that they can visit or live there for a span of time. The real estate agents have got a lot of such properties that are available for you at best prices.

If you like a rural setup but cannot visit such a place then the real estate agents have got a solution for your problem. The top selling realtors have access to such properties located in the city but constructed in a manner to give you the feel of being in a rural setup.

Suite 2/592 Dean Street, Albury, NSW, 2640

Ray Mack Real Estate was born with a desire to create a company that excelled at all levels. Its understanding of area and people help it to connect to right people with right properties. The firm has an ethical viewpoint and believes in the business of being humans. It has also established a solid client base that is supported by a network of happily referred customers. It has a highly professional and proactive approach that makes every step of the process as simple as possible.

Properties for Sale, Open Homes for Sale, Land for Sale, Buying Tips, Market Appraisal, Properties for Lease, Lease Appraisal

Casey Ambler

Dec 13, 2016

5 star service from Ray, Brenda and the team, thanks so much for making the sale of our home a breeze!! Highly recommend!!

Open homes are beautiful spaces that attract every passerby because of the way constructed. Large gardens, big verandah and much more add to its exceptional beauty. The thought of buying one can hit your pocket hard, but you need not worry because the real estate agents Albury have many such open houses available for you at the best price.

These real estate agents have a special feature of Lease Appraisal that can help you know the correct lease value of your property according to the market. This will help you to get the best possible leasing price of your property without any bargain.

885 Mate Street, Albury, NSW, 2640

Rudy Yonson Real Estate has been a part of the real estate business since 1997.  Its team works in a professional and friendly manner in order to provide its clients with the best results. It also understands that for most people, the decision of selling their property is the single greatest financial transaction, hence it aims to provide you with an honest and reliable service. It tries to make the process of selling your property to be quick and carefree.

Buy Residential Property, Buying information, Homes for Sale, Land for Sale, Selling tips

Rebecca Glover

Nov 22, 2017

The team at Rudy Yonson Real Estate were professional, hard working and very knowledgeable when it came to handling my purchase and sale. I highly recommend contacting Rudy Yonson Real Estate if you are looking at buying or selling.

Before buying a property, it is important to know about the property in detail. The real estate agents in Albury not only provide you with the desired property but also help you by providing the correct buying information keeping your interest intact.

You might not be an expert in the real estate business, but you need not worry. They also provide you with various techniques and tips and take care of every little detail, before you sell your property so that you are always on the winning side in the deal.

1097 Mate Street, North Albury, NSW, 2640

Ian Ritchie Real Estate stands with a mission to deliver results that exceed the expectations of the clients. It has created best practice systems that provide you with solutions and take care of your satisfaction by meeting your most desired needs. It works on its researches, according to which clients need a professional who listens to their needs and accordingly provides solutions for them, hence it acts as that professional. The satisfaction of the clients is pivotal to the company.

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If you are planning a holiday in Albury or in towns near Albury along with your family, a hotel room won’t suffice. The real estate agents of the city have got so many amazing Holiday Rental properties for you that are enough to take care of your needs. The holiday rentals are very comfortable, affordable and accessible. They are chargeable on per day basis.

Planning to sell your business at a good price? Yes, even that is possible if you have got one of these agents by your side to guide you through the process. They will help you find the best deal for your business without much trouble.

1071 Mate St, North Albury, NSW, 2640

Leading Property Group aims to increase your return, and ultimately give you a higher level of capital growth when the time comes to sell. It guarantees you with consistent, reliable and accurate service by ensuring you with clear communication, a thorough knowledge of your circumstances and the best overall outcome for your investment property. With over 14 years of experience in property management, it can handle issues effortlessly along with saving your time, money and stress.

Buy Commercial Property, Buy Residential Property, Residential Property for sale, Commercial Lease, Rent Appraisals, Rental Finder, Property Management

john haymer

Feb 14, 2018


The real estate agents also function as property managers by saving your time and worry about marketing your rentals, handling maintenance and repair issues, collecting rent, responding to tenant complaints and even pursuing evictions. They can also advise you about your rights as a landlord and keep you informed about your property. This can help you ease up from your duties and keep your worries at bay.

They can also find rentals for you according to your requirements and notify you instantly when a rental property comes on the market. This reduces your task of hunting a rental without asking for favours from anyone.

Investment is the need of the hour and we all keep investing in and disinvesting from various properties, to make sure that the money we hold is getting utilized in an efficient way. These investments involve huge capital and so it needs patience and time to make such decisions. One wrong decision can cost you with huge sum and of course, you wouldn’t want to bear that. So it is better to take precautionary measures before you go for a decision like that.

The Albury real estate agents act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller who attempts to match up with the expectations of both for enabling a transaction. This tough job of the agent makes him/her the key to the process. So, it is just to put forward your desires to make the agents aware of them, irrespective of your side in the transaction.

Before you entrust an agent or a company in the trade of your property, you must verify as it is about a huge sum of capital that needs to be invested or disinvested in a fair deal.

Here are some of the criteria that you must look up on to before placing your property in the hands of a stranger:

Client Testimonials: You must go through the testimonials of the clients to know about their experiences while working with the agency to get a clear idea about the functioning and clientele record of the company.

Professional expertise: Before you work with any real estate agency, make sure to know about the skills of their professionals in the field of sales, leasing, renting, etc. to make sure that they are the correct people to guide you.

Property under management: To buy or sell your property, you must check on the many types of properties these agents hold, so that you can get the wide variety of options before you make a choice.

In the city: Albury

Published: Feb 19, 2018

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