Trailer hire companies in Melbourne offer trailer rental, repair, maintenance and other value-added services to transportation and logistics.

It can be very expensive to buy a trailer that explains why trailer hire Melbourne may be a good choice to exercise. Even so, before finalizing any offer, don't forget to make sure you have all the safety features in place. There can be many vehicles to choose from, all furnished with latest features. But it is important that you should know your needs and requirements before making a choice.

Trailer hire Melbourne can be a great option for companies that are in need of these solutions, especially the ones that operate throughout the year. There is no need to worry about the protection and repair of trucks. This can also be cheaper than buying your own trailer for business. And it can be a good way to observe if the use of these services can be useful for your organization.

Also, if you are looking for car trailer rental companies, you should know about the workable possibilities that you may get. A clear-cut benefit of trailer hire Melbourne service is that you'll not need to invest in it. Many truck rental companies can provide it for you. It further implies that you are already taken care of more expenditures such as repair and maintenance of a vehicle. In some other cases, the trouble of sorting out paper works are also taken care.

It can only take a minute to get the best option from amongst the many trailer hire Melbourne companies. You may want to opt for a company that specializes in the kind of trailer that you may need. For choosing a right one, take your time to ensure that every decision you make can be correct and useful for the purpose.

Make Right Decision While Taking Trailer Hire Melbourne With These Service Providers

2-20 Carter Way, Dandenong South, VIC, 3175

Top Start Trailer Company is a leading two-generation family owned Australian Company that has been operating for over 28 years. Also, we have a large scale facility base located in Dadenong South in Melbourne. We do our best to impress our customers with the appealing manufacturing equipment, technology and design techniques that are not only comprehensive but limitless as well. Within a short period of only 8 weeks, you can pick your ready trailer.

Car Carriers, Semi Trailers, Trailer Hire, Repairs

Our trailer hire options can offer flexibility, choice and ample client satisfaction. All our cheap trailer rentals are always ready and very well maintained for about any journey. Visitors who have any relevant question about a particular type yet are unable to find the mandatory information on this page. You can email us for more details about trailer rental in Melbourne.

We offer services based on rental, maintenance and many other value-added solutions to transport and logistics clients. We can even provide you with cheap trailer all over Australia. Our services include a wide selection of choices and can range from offering equipment's to hire and rent, day to day operations, restoration, maintenance and many other services.

1350 North Road, Oakleigh South, VIC, 3167

Trick Trailer gives you variable options to choose from, to satisfy all your needs. Our strategy is manufacturing a good trailer, then supply in to the customer at a pocket-friendly price. Reach out to us and you won’t regret at all.

Heavy Duty Trailers, Commercial and Deluxe Commercial Trailers, Tandem and Deluxe Tandem Trailers, Tradesman Trailers, Cage and Race Car Trailer Hire

Jayden Korinfsky

Mar 08, 2017

Very friendly, price is pretty good compared to other companies, had 5 days to make my trip to QLD which was plenty of time and only cost a few dollars for another day. Only bad thing was i was given a bad trailer lead which worked when I left but then stopped working, so i was driving for about 2 hours with no lights or indicators on the trailer before i realised.

Trick Trailers Australia can be the best option when you need a trailer hire Melbourne at different regions or from your pick-up location. Wherever you plan to shift, our trailer services can be the cheapest and the most affordable option for local and international needs.

Our solutions can be the ideal solution for transport of goods that may need enough security. Our trunk doors are lockable with your padlock for better protection. If you can’t find here what you are searching for then give us a call and we can guide you in the best camper trailer hire.

If you need more time then you can talk to us. Trick Trailers Australia is the one company in Australia that provides fast and best delivery output. Later, you may only have to pay the difference in cost.

1076 Dandenong Road, Carnegie, VIC, 3163

Based at Carnegie Rental Centre, Melbourne Trailer Hire is actually one of the oldest rental companies in Melbourne. With our extensive range of available trailers, we are majorly target tradesmen, handymen and industry. Give us a try and you’ll marvel at our exceptional services.

Box Trailers – Single and Double Axle, Cage Trailers – Single and Double Axle, Furniture Trailers – Single and Double Axle, Motorbike and Car Trailers, Plant Trailers

At Melbourne trailer hire, we work with you to make sure you get a camper trailer hire for your work that has a correct capacity. You will need to know the towing capacity of your vehicle as it is illegal to surpass the gross excess weight allowed for an automobile. If you are not sure, look in your car’s handbook or check the VIN plate because this information is generally available there.

To ensure the security of your car trailer, you must ensure that you use them with distributed weight. A complete weight concentrated at the front or at the rear can be dangerous. The height must be correct as well.

1, 17-19 Somerleigh Rd, Laverton North, VIC, 3026

Offering services of renting quality trucks and trailers to all customers, Australia’s Rentco company has been operative since its inception in 1994.We work round the clock to ensure we meet all our customer's needs. In fact, over the years, we have steadily grown to be the most recognized Transport Equipment Rentals Company in Australia.

Prime Movers, Trailers, Light Vehicles, Dollies, Skels

Rentco local rental can provide an effective flexible answer to all your demands.

At Rentco hire service, we source trailers that are in best working condition. We are well respected when it comes to hiring trailer services. We usually supply wonderful trailers at affordable prices. If you have any queries about our services and you need any type of guidance about its aspects, we pleased to help you. You can email or talk to our friendly team anytime.

Renting a Trailer hire bunnings can be a great choice in case you are moving large furniture and appliances. Since you pay the price for the daily rental at no extra mileage fees, our trailers can offer a less expensive solution than any other option. Most services offered by us are lightweight and designed so that they won’t shoot up your gas mileage.

41 Vesper Drive, Narre Warren, VIC, 3805

The team of Victorian Crane Trucks are highly-experienced in managing various heavy duty trucks & Semi Trailer Hire Melbourne. The company offers reliable crane services that can carry upto 7 ton weight easily. To know more you can call them or visit our page

Semi Trailers, Crane Semi, Crane Tray, Tilt Tray, Interstate Transport

Kate Jamieson

May 16, 2016

I have used Victorian Crane Trucks based in Narre Warren, Vic for the last 15 years in a professional capacity. Our company uses them every day for deliveries and pickups of portable buildings. We use Tilt trays, Crane Trucks, Semi Crane Trucks and Flat bed trucks for both local and interstate trips. We have never had a complaint from any of our customers onsite. In fact quite the opposite. The drivers are excellent ambassadors for their employer and work willingly to ensure that the customer is always happy with the service provided. Nothing is too much trouble from the office staff to the drivers - the outcome is the same. Their customers are always put first. I would have no hesitation in recommending Victorian Crane Trucks to anyone who needs transport. In fact I recommend them at least a couple of times a month to people looking for relocation of their own portable buildings. Once you use them you won't want to use anyone else.

There is no need to waste valuable time in researching as well as comparing trailer hire prices. We can provide you the most convenient and affordable moving service in Melbourne. With Victorian Crane Trucks Australia, you can access rental trucks that are:

  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Fully enclosed and lockable

Hence, wherever you are, one of our professionals will be ready to serve you for your need. Our team can be within reach to get you on the road, no matter what your requirements are.

We offer extra amenities such as ramps, padded trailer interiors, furniture and appliance cover. We can also offer items like boxes and dollies for assisting while moving large dimension items. If you have the need and don't own one of these – don't worry.

59 Brosnan Road, Bentleigh East, VIC, 3165

If your service relies on a fleet of autos to transport goods around the country, then Just Add Grass Camper Trailer can be of help. With one of the largest and most diverse trailer rentals in the country, we offer you a range of options including sales, hire and contract hire.

We have established a few years ago and with our experience and knowledge, we can expertly guide you through the different camper trailer hires that are available to ensure that you get the best alternative for your industry. We also provide an extensive Melbourne trailer hire maintenance service to keep your vehicles running smoothly.

Adventure WalkUp and Tracker, Standard on all Trailers, Camping Table and Chairs

We are a trailer hire company dedicated to raising your business to its full potential. From sourcing to financial advice and maintenance to disposal, we are there for you at every step so that you can expand your business. Book only premium quality new fleet trailer bunning vehicles for your needs. On doing this our car trailers will never fall short of its highest standards.

We provide you with the proportions of each trailer and the typical items that will fit into each size to help you estimate a correct dimension. Anyone who concerned about space can get in touch with us to see if the one you are looking for is available at the time you rent. This will also make sure you don’t run into any issues at the last minute changes in the truck rental.

PO Box 67, Baxter, VIC, 3911

Far & Wide Campers is an industry leader and it is locally owned by David and Cyndi Downie. They can be your partner in creating a positive impact on your organization by offering the best in-fleet cars, cost-effective trailer hire prices, exceptional maintenance and excellent customer service.

As one of the leading trailer rental firms in Australia, we do make efforts in reaching out to our customers wherever they are. Our centers are situated in different parts of the country to provide the best services to customers. With our strategic location, you will have no trouble booking a car trailer anywhere in Australia. 

Camper Trailer Hire

Far & Wide Campers offers competitive costs on furniture trailers in Australia, giving customers the best value for their rentals. As a special bonus, on any given day, you can get free customer support when you use the service of any of our solutions.

If you’re working on a schedule, you can choose our delivery and pick-up program that can aid in transporting faster through our cheap trailer hire service in Australia.

Whether you’re relocating, going on Christmas or want to remove large amounts of waste from home or industry - our trailer rental service can be the perfect solution.

If you want to know more about our moving trailer hire solutions, get in touch with Far & Wide Campers and we’ll immediately get back to your inquiry.

2/1 Hogan Ct, Pakenham, VIC, 3810

For trailer rentals, Melbourne Camper Trailer Center can offer the best selections for different jobs across Australia. Whether you’re a DIY homemaker seeking easy-to-use furniture trailers or a professional in need of heavy-duty car trailer in Perth, we can provide everything you need from our Melbourne trailer hire to help you get your job done more efficiently.

Offering an ideal cheap trailer service for transporting a huge amount of items that wouldn’t otherwise fit in a vehicle, a trailer is normally a popular and cost-effective choice to make. If you’re enthusiastic about making use of a Melbourne trailer hire for any given time, we at Melbourne Camper Trailer Center can be of help. Whether you’re relocating your home, business or going on holiday – trailer hire can make a great service. All our trailers are available for hire at daily, short-term and long-term rates.

Cub Campers, Trayon Campers, Traytek Campers, Coolibah Campers, Camper Trailer Hire

Gary Brown

Sep 21, 2016

In this day and age of poor customer service, it's great to see a business that actually does what they say... A lot of other businesses should spend a day working here so they can learn what customer service really means.

A nationwide provider that not only has branches in all parts of throughout Australia. With this, we guarantee a comprehensive and nationwide support.

At the end, when you get a camper trailer hire from us, you can be sure of hiring one of the very best that is available to us.

We always have the updated list of trailers for you to hire in Melbourne on our website. This will help you stay assured that the trailer you choose will be the one that you get and will be completely secure for use, on and off the road.

30-32 Industrial Avenue, Hoppers Crossing, VIC, 3029

If you want well designed and customer made trailers, Hoppers Custom Trailers is the best choice. With a highly qualified and experience staff, we use the best quality materials to build the trailers and go out of our way to offer a 15-month standard warranty, and 24-month structural warranty, which cannot be compared to some manufactures offering only up to 12 months. With our wide range of single and dual axle trailers stocked for both trade and residential customers, we are indeed the best option.

Trailers ranges from Bbq, Bike, Bobcat, Box, Cage, Car Carrier, Cattle, Flatbed, Furniture, Galvanised, Golf Cart, Gypsy, Heavy Duty, Lawn Mowing, Machinery, Medium Duty, Plant, Scissorlift, Tandem, Tipper, Water Carting

James Grundy

Jul 29, 2017

The crew at Hoppers Trailers have good engineers and customer service. The prices are competitive and the trailers good quality, of which can be built to personal specifications. Ive had mine for 2.5 years now with no issues. I am in today getting repairs through damage. They are always willing to help out even if they are busy. Would recommend.

Our fleet of trailers ranges from modest tenting and motorbike trailers to motor vehicle transporters and mid-sized plant moving. We have the mid-size trailer for hire and we can even help in the moving plant from one place to another. If you want something that may not be available with the fleet at the moment, make sure you email us and we may be able to supply it for you!

Our rich experience helps us in delivering a tight routine repair in our own contemporary workshop. This ensures the reliability of the fleet resulting in small downtime issues. We are also capable of transporting hazardous materials with insurance if it is so required.

Dandenong South, VIC, 3175

For the best in the business, experience the difference Membrey’s can make. We are the experts in heavy duty machinery movers and will work with you to find the perfect solution to your machinery needs. Call today or visit our website to view our huge range of products and services.

Transport, Crane Hire, Heavy Haulage, Crane Trucks, Access Equipment, Forklifts, Pilot Vehicles, Traffic Management, Machinery Transport, Supertilt Trailer

When you need the best car trailer services we will assist you to get the best in Melbourne. All our trailers serviced and provided with fastening wheel and hitches toggle clamps. These can be offered on request, so please inquire while you book. Our choice of the cheap services also available on our website. So, one can go through the photos to get more information.

The features used to explain many furniture trailers that we have for local rental differ somewhat between countries, manufacturers and people who use them. We've compiled a list of prevailing service hire options that are available in Melbourne to provide the best service.

Each of our DIY hire vehicles has comprehensive protection covered by the pricing. This will make sure there is no hidden expenditure in a van trailer hire price displayed by us!

We offer great Melbourne trailer hire deals for self-driven vehicles and hire rentals. So, give us a call or visit our booking page to get more.

If a trailer needed for your job, renting one from the list of service providers is a great idea such as moving a house or for transporting goods. Anyone who is in need of hiring trailers can pick the best size as per need of a job from these rentals service providers. Camper trailer hire can also be a good idea for people who don’t have enough space at their home for keeping such a huge sized vehicle.

With rental services, you only need to find a company that has quality trucks. Going for costly services can be useful as long as it can be worthy and won’t cause any trouble for your loved ones or your business.

The cost of trailer rentals can depend on many factors like the size of a truck, the distance that it has to cover. Some well-established companies providing trailer hire services may charge a bit higher. In the case of new players may offer at better competitive rates. But you must consider two critical factors first – security and reliability.

Before making the final decision on selection of company, one should compare the rates as well. You may be eligible for the discount if you want to hire trailers for a much longer period. You can rent monthly, weekly or even daily and rent for a year may also be available.

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Published: Jan 19, 2018

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