Aerial Agricultural Services

Agricultural craft is extremely specialized, purposeful craft. Today's agricultural craft is usually battery-powered by a rotary engine of up to 1500 power units and might carry the maximum amount as 800 gallons of crop protection product. Helicopters are typically used, and a few craft serve double duty as water bombers in areas vulnerable to wildfires.
These crafts are named as S.E.A.T. "Single engine air tankers”.
Aerial Agricultural Services
Before going for aerial agriculture few key points should be taken into concern 
  • What exactly is the aerial of concern 
  • Selection of drone 
  • The time slot for each cycle to get completed 
  • Budget estimate should be taken care of 
  • A proper eye check should be there on the selected for 

One of the most prominent tools for agriculture is the aircrafts these days.
Aerial application allows a consumer to possess a prescribed product applied to his crop in an exceedingly timely and economical manner. The quicker a chemical may be applied when being prescribed the less modification of yield loss,  and once the result wheel tracks from ground instrumentality (can be up to five losses) is additionally taken into consideration it makes economic sense to use a craft.
There are many services that are provided by aerial agriculture service and according to the requirement client can make a deal with these service providers 
Some of the common services are listed below with two major categories – liquid and solid 

In Solids:
Seeding e.g. Canola, Granular Fertilizers, Mouse and Snail Balt, (Tebulan accredited operator) are included along with many other services 

In Liquids: 
Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Foliar Fertilizers and Trace Elements, etc

And some other additional services are: 
Mosquito Eradication, Feral Animal Control, and Suspension application, including fine line, Locust Control, and trace elements.
Aerial agriculture services are a true helping hand in the field of agriculture and people are rapidly going for these services.

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