Aerial Display Advertising

Advertising industry boomed in 1950s and since then there has been no looking back. After having witnessed the potential of audio visual ways, advertisers have now moved on to aerial display advertising for better impact on people. This novel form of advertising incorporates the use of aerial banners, airships, balloons and drones. The aerial display can be either static in form of display of logos or lighted signs or could also be dynamic like animated lighted signage or skywriting etc. It can reach out to extended audience in the most impactful manner possible. Aerial advertising is regulated by federal and local entities throughout the World. 

Aerial Display Advertising
Consider the following before you opt for promotion through aerial display
  • Target your audience: A targeted ad is twice as effective as the non targeted one. So, set your ad in a way that reaches out to the maximum number of people.
  • Check relevance: make sure that the aerial display you are making does not go down the drains. The ad should be relevant and understood by the target audience. 
  • Implement tracking facility: To avoid wastage of resources, keep a track to know the impact of your advertisement. Get surveys done and collect data to analyze the effect.
  • Test the view ability: For maximum reach, the creative should be perfectly shown on the device. Test the display object to see everything works correctly.
  • Keep a backup plan ready: Don’t let your advertisement fail due to small technical blips. Keep necessary alternatives in case the balloon bursts or the lights stop working.
How do you get benefited from aerial display advertisement?
  • Breaking through the clutter, aerial display provides exclusive visibility for your audience
  • This vibrant, exciting and impactful form of advertising cannot be ignored and cannot be turned off.
  • It is one of the superior method of winning the market as it promotes the brand to more than 5,00,000 people every hour
  • Place your ads in a location where other medias cannot get through, hence, avoiding competition and the advertisement is the worth the money you spend.
Today, this has become an extremely common eye catching platform of advertisement!

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