Agistment Services

Originally, when agistment first came into practice it referred to the revenue of pasturage in the king's forests. However, today the usage of the term agistment is changed. Basically, agistment is a feeding option. It is an attractive source of income, especially on those properties which are located around major cities. Agistment services can be short term or long term. These services can last from few weeks to a permanent arrangement. Agistment enables people who are short of land to own and they can keep their cattle or horses on someone else’s land for a fee. The services and facilities may vary according to the operators. A legal advice should be taken before entering into sort of agreement related to payment, access to the agistment land, stocking rates, about the requirements of insurance, provison for special costs incurred by agistor, an so on.

Agistment Services
Reasons to choose agistment services:
  • With the agistment option, an owner can have an opportunity to buy a single animal to start with the startup of the breeding enterprise. 
  • The problem related to land for the business is solved with the agistment. 
  • Agistment is a perfect option for the new startups whish need to have minimum expenditure on important things. 
Inspection of the property is important. While inspecting the property for agistment, following important points should be noted:
  • Type of feed and for how much duration the feed will last.
  • Water stock and availability of the same.
  • Conditions of the fences and gates.
  • Stock handling facilities on the property to access easy loading and unloading as well as its suitability for routine management work.
Depending on the seasonal changes, the fees for the agistment is decided. Agistment fees are to be paid four weeks in advance prior to the commencement of agistment period.  These types of bond are usually made in the agistment services. The advance payment duration may vary according to the operators. 
Agistment is economical when the transportation costs are feasible and the land is available within your vicinity, the rates for the agistment are relatively and hand feeding costs are high. 

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