Air Conditioning Car and Automotive

With the development in automotive technology more and more comfort is provided. The air conditioning system has undergone many changes since years. Computerized automatic temperature control is one of the exhaustive changes in the Air Conditioning - Car & Automotive. Air conditioning basically conditions the air.  Apart from cooling down the air temperature, the air conditioning reduced the humidity and moisture content as well. After turning on the Car Air Conditioning it should be noted that it reduces the number of miles per gallon of the car. The energy thus consumed is used in removing the heat and moisture from the car air. The engine experiences extra load and petrol consumption is also high when air conditioning in the car is on. 

Air Conditioning Car and Automotive
Working and Parts Of Air Conditioner in Car: 
The main principle of air conditioning is evaporation and condensation. This is later followed by compression and expansion. The process of air conditioning is simple. All cars’ air conditioning systems works on the same principle and the refrigeration cycle is completed for cooler air in the car.
  • The fluid which is used in the cooling of the system is known as refrigerant or coolant. It can evaporate at low temperature and then can condense under high pressure. 
  • The compressor in the Automotive Air Conditioning pressurizes the refrigerant. It then cools the car air. Scientifically, in the air conditioning system, the gas removes heat and gets cold, upon reduction of the pressure. As the air cools it becomes a liquid. 
  • The condenser is the area where the actual heat transfer occurs. It is usually installed in the front part of the car. 
  • The evaporator is located inside the vehicle acts as a heat absorbent compartment and provides various functions. Apart from removing heat from the automobile it acts as a dehumidifier. 
  • The receiver or dryer is found with the thermal expansion valve. It is responsible for trapping harmful debris, liquids and moisture reaching the compressor. 
  • An accumulator is present in those automobiles where orifice tubes are present. Presence of accumulator means absence of thermal expansion valve in the car. 
  • The current generation automobiles air conditioning system uses around 4 horsepower of the engines power. 

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