Alarm Systems

Several types of alarm systems are present in the market for home and business. Whenever you are busy or sleeping or not in place, an alarm system is a best way to protect your space from the intruders.  Some alarms systems provide equipment that will signal only when the alarm is triggered. Some equipment has security monitoring service. The installation and cost of each alarm system is different. There are several systems which can be easily installed as a do-it yourself kit. This may be little time consuming process but one don’t have to shell out extra money for installation help. 

Types of Alarm Systems:
  • Local Fire Alarm Systems: A fire alarm system buzzes at the site. The local fire indicator panel (FIP) indicates the alarm. This type of alarm is not connected to the fire services
Alarm Systems
  • Domestic SmokeType: Smoke alarm is available in two types. First type is a hard wired into the building. The other type is battery operated. It can be purchased separately from the market and then installed. 
  • Security Monitored Type:  The alarms which are monitored by the security companies are known as security monitored type alarm. Depending upon the agreement of the security company and the client, the actions are raised against the signal and alarm. These type of alarms are usually the domestic ones or the fire alarms. In case of signal because of fire alarm, the fire services may or may not be automatically called.
  • Alarm With Motion Detectors: These types of alarms possess detectors that are usually installed on the outside of the home or business building. Whenever a person walks within a specific distance of the detector, alert is signal is sent. These detectors are usually installed around the property for added protection. 
  • Residential and Domestic Sprinkler Systems: These types of alarms are placed in residential homes or buildings not exceeding four storeys.

Working of Alarm System: The alarm system works on the basis of detect, determine and deter criminal activity. With the help of various detectors and motion sensors, the activity is detected and the signals are sent to the owner and security services. 

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