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Alerting systems are electronic devices that, as the name suggests, are used to inform the concerned about a potential hazardous situation. These devices are very widely used now-a-days in various fields, and with the advancement in technology, they are getting better and more fields are being added. These systems basically consist of a sensor, attached to a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) coded according to the use. Now the output of the PCB can be taken in the form of a light, sound, or an electromagnetic signal emission. The input if the system is fed from the trigger sensor (light, sound, proximity, touch, heat or acceleration) that goes off once the required conditions are met, i.e. if there is a danger.

Alerting Systems Retail
Fields of application:
  • Medical: Medicine field has advanced a lot along with science. Devices such as pacemakers, LifeFone, etc are being used widely to help patients in emergency from all over the world.
  • Disaster Management: There are alerting systems installed in dams that alert the dam administration and maintenance team if the water level is beyond the danger level, or if the pressure on one of the gates is more than there should be. Tsunami warning systems are installed by governments of the countries prone to the disaster. They detect water movement and pressure to notify the monitoring stations.
  • Domestic Security Systems: This category is the most used area as far as alerting systems are considered. There are devices like burglar alarm, car sirens that operate on proximity and touch. Then there are fire alert systems called smoke detectors that are installed in almost every important building now-a-days. These operate on heat sensors and trigger sound alarm. In cars, there are air bags that are acceleration sensors. Then there are parking sensors that help prevent parking dents.
Alerting systems are very important discoveries made by the technology of today. A very great percentage of our world is secured by these systems and helps us to prevent potential dangers.

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