Alexander Technique

It is an intelligent way to make the body relaxed and comfortable. It is based on the discoveries of F. Matthias Alexander. The teacher helps to relieve harmful habits which have built up over a lifetime and to get rid of harmful tensions.  It is a simple way of learning of healing process. The tension interferes with the innate ability to naturally move easily, as the way we are designed. The excess tension generally starts in childhood. Often it is left unchecked and this can give rise to common ailments like arthritis, neck and back pain, insomnia and depression, latter in life.
Alexander Technique is an active exploration treatment. It changes the way one thinks and responds in everyday activities. In this technique a person discovers a new balance in the body. 
Alexander Technique
  • In this technique, usually a series of 10 to 40 private lessons are given. These sessions lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Generally, the students are dancers, athletes, etc who are in frequent pain for some or other reasons.  Even those who work for more hours on computers are the students, as they usually have episodes of severe back pain, etc.
  • The teacher gives instructions and shows them to how to hold themselves and move with better poise. The teacher also helps to reduce their muscle and mental strain.
  • In these sessions, chair work and table work is given usually in fornt of a mirror. 
  • During these sessions, the instructor observes the students, and along with the student, the teacher will stand, sit and lie down. A close relationship is maintained between the head, neck and spine.

Advantages of Technique: 
  • This technique helps to get rid themselves of pain.
  • With this technique one can increase their performance abilities.
  • This technique leads to personal development and transformation.
  • The technique acts as a personal tool to ease breathing problems and also hoarseness during public speaking.
With the application of this technique, one can relieve unnecessary muscle tension and it helps to become aware of posture and balance. It is a simple process from which one can relearn some graceful movements. 

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