Animal Or Rodent Traps

It is often necessary to control rats and mice when they come into conflict with human interests. Rodents control is a good principle, whether controlling using lethal or non-lethal means that is to prevent unnecessary suffering. The main aim of animal or rodent traps is to control infestations without causing fear or pain. To prevent guidance on the humaneness of control methods to assist people there are number of humane rodent control working groups. 
Improvements in the control of rodents:
The working groups promotes welfare improvements in the control of rodents through:
Animal Or Rodent Traps
  • Provides advice and guidance about current methods.
  • Promotes research into new humane methods.
  • Advocates the need for a national animal welfare advisory under review.
  • Provides advice about research and other needs.

Reasons to rodents traps:
There are more than two thousand species of rodents in the world. Most rodents cause no conflict with human interests. Some are endangered and need measures to protect their populations. However, a few species mainly rats and mice can be the threat to human interests. Rodents are controlled for various reasons which include:
  • To prevent disease in humans, farmed livestock and companion animals.
  • Prevent the loss or damage to the crops and stored foodstuffs.
  • To prevent structural damage to the property and installations.
  • Protection of biodiversity.

Key principles:
In tackling problems caused by animals, controlling rodents should adhere to the following principles:
  • Affect no more animals than necessary
  • Refine control methods so as to minimize unnecessary suffering such as fear and pain

Control options: 
  • Prevent access – the best cure is prevention. Food storage areas should be the first adopted measure for the prevention and control of infestations. If there is no access to food, water and shelter, rodents will go somewhere else and will not be able to produce or maintain significant populations. 
  • Rodenticides – are the most widely used approach to control. The anticoagulant agents are widely considered to be the most cost effective method of controlling substantial infestations. Successful treatment may be possible in cases of accidental human or companion animal consumption of the rodenticide.

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