Animal Pet Cages and Enclosures

Pet cages and enclosures are used to provide a safe and comfortable habitat for your pet animals or birds. The cages or enclosures are for their own safety, though some say caging them is not good. But having a cage or enclosure for them ensures that they do not harm themselves, or any of your things.
Types of Cages or Enclosures:
  • Hutch: A hutch is a small structure, mostly wooden, in the shape of a normal house. This type of enclosure is generally suited for small animals like rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and other rodents. Sometimes these things are two storied as well, to provide additional space for the animals inside.
Animal Pet Cages and Enclosures
  • Ferret Cage: A ferret cage, as is clear by its name, houses ferrets. But sometimes it can be used to house other small rodents as well, sometimes even birds. This type of cage is mainly built of steel wires, folded to a net. Mostly, a ferret cage is multi-storied, connected by inclines of solid steel.
  • Playpens: Playpens, like the ferret cages, are made of folded steel wires. But these structures are single-storied, and have pentagonal or hexagonal roofs. This type of cage or enclosure can be used to house small rodents. It’s not very suitable for birds, though.
  • Hide-away Rabbit huts: These are not exactly cages. A semi tube-like hollow structure of about a foot or two; is what this is. This makes a very good resting place for rabbits, or even guinea pigs. It’s mostly hand woven, from dried grass, but can also be found in plastic.
  • Classic Bird Cage: We are familiar with this one. A wide hollow cylindrical structure with a dome top made of steel wires. On the top of the structure is a hook or a loop, which you can use to hang the structure about.
A pet cage or enclosure is for the own safety and comfort of your pet. You can let them out in the open, of course, but having one of these makes a very good resting place for them.

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