Animal Protection and Welfare

Animal welfare and protection is a very important matter now-a-days. People today are determined to make this world a better place to live, not just for us humans but also for all manner of living creatures. This has become very important, given all the things that are going on that should not have been, concerning the well-being of animals. Let us have a look at the reasons of the unavoidable need to pay attention to animal conservation and welfare immediately.

Reasons for Animal Protection and Welfare:
  • Animal Testing: Small animals and rodents are used for testing medicines all over the world in labs. This causes uncountable animals to suffer acute pain leading to death. Let us ask this, do we want this for ourselves?
Animal Protection and Welfare
  • Abandoned Pets: This is a major problem in big cities. People abandon their pets, often when they are old or diseased or not behaving, and leave them on streets as stray animals. Inhuman might be a weak word for this.
  • Blood Sport: Animal fighting has been a popular sport since ancient times. Animals such as bulls, goats, cocks and many others have been used as an entertainment. These fights almost always lead to death and fatal injuries. This is like ancient Romans that used to have gladiator fights. Think about the ethics.
  • Hunting: This is a major cause for concern, and it’s not new. Animals like Dodo have become extinct because of hunting, and those like Tigers, Dolphins and Rhinos are on the verge of extinction. Human greed for trophies has cost uncountable lives, and this has got to stop.
  • Whaling: Hunting of whales has been a practice that is being carried out since more than a couple of centuries. This has resulted in whales being endangered today.
Now that we know the reasons and horrible things that are putting animals in pitiful conditions all over the world, it is up to us to take steps and do what is right, to make this planet a better place for all our fellow living beings.

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