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Anodizing is the process of increasing the thickness of oxide layer on metals to have increased resistance against corrosion and rusting. It also makes the metal surface more adhesive for paint and glue that further prevent corrosion. In this process, the target part of the metal surface is made the anode in an electrolytic solution, thus forming an extra layer of oxides on the surface of the target metal surface. This process has various uses.
Uses of Anodizing:
  • Dyeing: Anodizing aluminium with sulfuric acid results in a porous aluminium surface that is well compatible paints. If one wants to produce color on the metal film itself, it is possible. A pulsating current and sulfuric electrolyte is needed during the process of anodizing, and this can be achieved.
Anodising Services
  • Printing: Anodizing a metal surface enables printing on it. Makes it easier as compared to the non-anodized metal surface. This is almost same as how paint works on an anodized surface. The resultant porous surface absorbs paint fluid and thus prevents whether of the coloring layer.
  • Lubricant retention: On the same principle of absorption of fluid by the porous surface of the anodized metal surface, anodized metals retain lubricants better than non-anodized surfaces, thus, are used to make automobile parts.
  • Cleaning: When a metal surface is anodized, is develops reduced reluctance to Panel Edge Staining, that effects the structural integrity of the metal.

Other Metals:
Few metals that can be anodized are:
  • Titanium: Titanium, once anodized, is used in recent times in dental surgeries. Also, it is used in jewelry and art, as it possesses array of colors without even dyeing.
  • Magnesium: Anodized magnesium is used as primer for paint.
  • Zinc: Zinc is not normally anodized, but a solution of phosphate, chromate and fluoride treated with voltages as high as 200V can anodize Zinc, that creates a greenish layer, resistant to corrosion.
  • Niobium: Similar to Titanium in manner of post anodizing color effects, Niobium is also used in jewelry and art.

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