Antennas Supply and Installation

Antennas are devices that receive the broadcasted television signals that are transmitted in two categories in terms of frequencies – VHF band (Very High Frequency) which ranges from 41 MHz to 250 MHz, and UHF band (Ultra High Frequency) which ranges from 470 MHz to 960 MHz; varying from country to country. Antennae’s main parts are the conductors that receive the on-air signals.

Types of Antennae:
  • Indoor (Bunny aerials): Bi-aerial indoor antennae are the ones that used to be on the top of the TV sets, back in the day. These antennae are of adjustable length, but are not very good. For one, they are bi-directional, which means they receive both forwards and backwards, which makes it less accurate. Two, they are less directional, and hence, receive a broader band of transmission, making it less efficient. Three, they are placed indoors, which makes it difficult for them to receive signals. Altogether, this type of antenna can be called the alpha version of receiver technology; not fully efficient and error-free.
Antennas Supply and Installation
  • Outdoor: Outdoor antennae are also known as directional antennae. This is because these antennae are more specific in terms of receiving signals directionally. The front front part of an outdoor antenna contains short length conductors to receive UHF band transmissions, while the rear end of it has long conductors to pick up VHF band transmissions. This system makes this type of antenna more efficient and specific than the indoor type because this type of antenna narrows down the band it receives.
Installation of antennae is is easy, though it requires a certain level of precision. Normally, antennae are placed on roof tops. The directional antennae should be pointed, though roughly, at the transmitter they are receiving from. Also, the antennae should be placed in such a way that ghosting (receiving reflected versions of the same transmission) of signals can be avoided.

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