Antique Dealers and Auctioneers

An antique dealer works primarily in the buying and selling of antique items. The dealers work for an antique company, an auction house, through a store or on an independent basis. Antique dealers and auctioneers generally have a thorough knowledge of antiques and their worth. Much of the dealer’s job focuses on appraisals and the buying and selling of antiques. Auctioneers assess and value personal property like jewellery or expensive artwork and search out potential buyers. Auctioneers meet with buyers and sellers and conduct auctions.

Characteristics of dealers and auctioneers:

Antique Dealers and Auctioneers
  • It is important for the antique dealers to be well-versed in the value of antiques and also need to be aware of the market value of the antique items.
  • Antique auctioneers need excellent language, social and organization skills. Auctioneers also need to have a specialized knowledge of antiques or fine art.
  • There is however a necessity for the auctioneers to keep up with trends in the industry and business as well as to understand the antiques.
  • The best training for antique dealers is to gain experience working with antiques or fine art.
  • Most of the antique dealers are responsible for their benefits especially when they work independently.
Features of antiques:
  • Antiques are relics of the past and are the reminder of the extravagances and the hardships of another era. 
  • Antiques are ultimately Eco-friendly and are inherently recycled and reused. 
  • Antique pieces are less likely to be super trendy and antiques can add texture, energy and personality to even for the most modern or contemporary decor.
  • Well-cared antiques can value over time and are also good investments over the long. Very few antique products can claim longevity.
Goals of antique dealers: 
  • The dealers are democratically managed and dedicated to promote honest and professional business ethics.
  • The dealers aim to promote the advantages of group services through wide distribution of informative brochure.
  • The dealers encourage its members to advertise and recommend fellow members business locations.
  • Antique dealers also promotes businesses with their standard advertisement through local media and nationally through funds.

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