Aprons are pieces of clothing, mainly wore over the regular clothes so as to provide a covering that makes sure the normal clothes are not ruined, while working or cooking. They are mandatory in several professions such as a cook, a waitress or a waiter, a nurse, domestic workers, an electrician. Aprons are made of several materials, aside from the traditional cloth aprons. Rubber aprons are worn commonly by people working in chemistry labs or electricians. There are lead aprons as well that are used by medical people who work around X-ray machines, to block harmful effects of the X-ray. Waterproof aprons are also available, for household work such as cooking or washing dishes or doing laundry. These aprons are made of PVC or oilcloth.

Styles of Aprons:

There is more than one type of aprons, which are suitable for different types of work places. Some of them are:
  • Pinafore: A pinafore apron is kind of like a jumper dress. It is sleeveless dress that covers the entire front body, including shoulders. This type of apron is worn by women as a decorative piece of clothing or protective clothing while cooking or child care.
  • Tabard: A tabard apron is two – sided protective clothing that is fastened using straps that connect the front and back layers. This type of apron is generally used by cobblers or electricians and is made of rubber.
  • Bungalow Apron: Contrary to the stereotype purpose of use of aprons, this type of apron is generally used by women as in – house dress, very much in the same sense as a nightgown or a house robe, except these are not supposed to worn outside the house. These resemble a kimono in the appearance.
Aprons are of various make, shapes and sizes, and are used in almost every household over the globe. Extremely useful, and these pieces of clothing are an amazing invention by the textile industry.

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