Arbitrator Business

A procedure by which a dispute is submitted by the agreement of the parties to one or more arbitrators who make mandatory decision on the dispute are commonly known as arbitrator business or arbitration. The parties choose for a private dispute resolution procedure that is arbitration instead of going to the court. The arbitrator business comprises with one or more independent individuals selected by the parties. The arbitrator business also comprises with the individuals appointed by the parties with mutual understandings through the process of mechanism.

Arbitrator Business
Important characteristics of arbitrator business:
  • Some of the principal characteristics of the arbitrator business are:
  • Arbitration is consensual
  • Parties choose the arbitrators
  • Arbitration is neutral
  • Arbitration is a confidential procedure
  • Decision made by the arbitrators is final and easy to enforce
  • Time and cost
Benefits of arbitration business:
  • Arbitration can take place if both the two parties have agreed to it. In case of future disputes arising, a party cannot withdraw from arbitration. 
  • The parties can select a sole arbitrator together. Neutral arbitration allows to ensure that no party enjoys a home court advantage.
  • Arbitrator business specifically protects the confidentiality of any disclosures made during the procedures. 
  • Arbitrator business allows the parties to agree in carrying out the decision without delay.
  • Parties are able to choose important elements such as the law applicable, language and the venue of arbitration.
  • Parties can choose to have a slow and thorough arbitration or a fast and economical arbitration. 
  • Speed, efficiency and costs are usually considered important.
Quality of the services offered by arbitration business:
  • The services offered by arbitration business depends entirely on the parties.
  • The services can range from simple appointment of a default arbitrator into full supervision.
  • The services monitor from the beginning to the end of the proceedings.
  • The cost of the services provided by the business arbitration services and the method by which it is calculated are important. 
  • Business arbitration services is a flexible one.
  • Consensual process of resolving business disputes in a binding and enforceable manner.

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