An arborist is professionally skilled in the field of the cultivation, health and stability of the trees. An arborist focuses on the health and safety of the trees by ensuring their longevity, aesthetic and economic value. An arborist is also known as an arboriculturist. One of the biggest benefits many considers is that the beautiful and healthy trees can improve both the appearance and financial value of the property. An arborist is also interested in the managing and taking care of:
  • Individual trees
  • Shrubs
  • Vines
  • Other perennial woody plants
Trees plays a crucial role and also provides a lot of benefits such as:
  • Aesthetic qualities
  • Heritage values
  • Social and psychological values
  • Ecosystems
Motifs of an arborist:
  • An arborist understands the needs of the trees 
  • Trained in diagnosis and treatment of tree problems
  • Also has a huge knowledge regarding the regulations and social issues surrounding trees
  • Arborist provides the trees proper care and nutrients to stay healthy
Maintain and care:
Some of the main ways an arborist can maintain and care for trees are:
  • Tree pruning - pruning promotes healthy growth, rids the tree from any dead wood and naturally protects the tree from insects.
  • Tree planting - for the trees long term health planting a tree in a right place is important. An arborist can assist with planting and may help to determine the appropriate place for planting a tree.
  • Tree removal - an arborist has the proper skills and equipment to remove a tree safely and efficiently. As a last option, an arborist can recommended removing a tree though it is carefully considered.
  • Emergency tree care - heavy storms and heavy winds can cause major damage to trees. An arborist is called to handle the situation properly when a tree is felled or when its branches cause damage to power lines.
Benefits of the services:
An arborist can identify any diseases. They ensure that trees should have efficient support and remove any damages caused to the plants. Some of the other services provided by an arborist such as:
  • Insect control
  • Fertilization
  • Cabling
  • Aeration
  • Lightning protection

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