Armoured Cars

It’s a military car which is lightweight wheeled armored fighting vehicle for reconnaissance, internal security, armed escort with other subordinate tasks. The armoured cars remains popular due to the comparatively simplified maintenance and low production cost. It is also found in several colonial armies as a weapon which is used as underdeveloped regions. Some of the equipment which are heavier and it could be substitute for tracked combat cars such as pursuit or flanking. The traditional functions of the armored cars has occasionally combined with the other carrier which results in multipurpose designs.

Benefits of armoured cars:
  • Control - it puts the car in control and also it protects the passengers.
  • Safe and stylish – It has a latest in car accessory with armouring panels which is installed in in the vehicular ballistic specialist which is a safe and latest protection technology.
  • Affordable cars - The armoured vehicle and the panels which are installed are moderate and affordable levels of protection without any negative affect.
  • Gain as a peace of mind- The unique system of the vehicle gains as a peace of mind.
Armoured Cars
Consideration of armoured cars:
To consider and evaluate the vehicle the points to be noted as follows:
  • Level of protection
  • Cost of the car
  • Difference between steel and lightweight armouring car.
  • To protect the engine and undercarriage should know what to be needed
  • Warranty period
  • Check the interior of the armoured cars once it is complete.
  • Check the possibility for installation of guns, tear gas, flame throwers
  • Whether it offer interior or limousine conversions.
  • Check the weight of the car
  • Payment options to be refereed.
  • Whether it is an existing armour car or not to be checked. 
Product or services:
It offers a range of products which is developed as varies of ballistic and blast protect a wide range of vehicles which covers many luxury marques.
  • Body panels 
  • Luggage guards
  • Glass strengthening
  • Security consultancy
  • Evasive driving course.
Uses of armoured cars:
  • It is used more or less independent car commanders.
  • It is used in larger units up to squadron size.
  • These cars are primarily used with light machine guns and few as heavier guns. 

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