Art and Design Schools

The art and design schools are the institution which teaches the students with a primary focus on the visual arts, especially illustration, painting, photography, sculpture, and graphic design. Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object.  The art and design school institutions consists of under graduation to post graduation which encompasses the art of learning and sharpening the hidden talent. There are many major institution which focus of training the people for the best art and skills. The art and design schools teach in the major disciplines from painting through to new media and design. There are many  public institutions.

Art and Design Schools
To be a better artist:
  • To become a good artist one can attain it through knowledge of technique, reading books, taking classes, training under a mentor.
  • To learn best through the experience of trial and error.  
  • An artist must spend the quality time working solely on oneself and their artistic skills. 
  • This doesn't mean the artist have nothing to learn from the others, it's just that the artist should consider designing their own curriculum, and not allowing others to decide what they need to know.
  • The artist must be an exercise examiner in literary accuracy.
  • The writer shouldn't turn out to be little more than an excuse to put off writing for another day.  
  • Instead of writing anything one must do the research properly and completely. 
Areas of art study:
  1. Computer graphics. 
  2. Drawing.
  3. Fibers. 
  4. Graphics design. 
  5. Jewellery.
  6. Painting. 
  7. Photography. 
  8. Print making. 
  9. Sculpting. 
  10. Animation. 
Techniques of art and design schools:
The School of Art & Design has been a leader in the preparation of distinguished artists and art educators. Students are provided with numerous opportunities to investigate technical, conceptual, and creative approaches for the creation of art, as well as recognize the impact visual art holds on. Students are introduced to the process of making ceramics, the beginning with clay body composition through procedures for firing kilns and glazing techniques and the formulas.

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