Asbestos Removal and Disposal

Asbestos is a soft grey mineral that occur naturally in the environment as bundles of fibers that can be separated into thin durable threads. Asbestos has been used widely in many building materials. It is usually used as fireproof insulating materials.
People may be exposed to asbestos in their workplace, their communities or their homes. If products holding asbestos are disturbed, small asbestos fibers are released into the air which may get trapped in the lungs. It has been classified as a human carcinogen. Therefore Asbestos Removal and Disposal prevents such serious illness.
  1. Asbestos Removal is normally required before an older building is demolished, before any maintenance or reconstruction that could bother asbestos containing resources.
  2. Asbestos Disposal should be carried out in a landfill site that can officially collect asbestos waste. It is illegal to dispose of asbestos waste in domestic garbage bins.
Asbestos Removal and Disposal
Important things to keep in mind while removing asbestos:
  • Cover up: Always wear the appropriate respirator or dust mask. Make sure the mask has two straps to let hold it firmly in place. Also wear disposable gloves and glasses to protect the eyes.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke: Never consume anything in the work area as there are chances of inhaling the dust. 
  • Power tools: Avoid the use of power tools for anything other than the removal of screws as the asbestos fibers can be released. 
  • Wet gently with water: When removing asbestos cement sheets, use a pump spray to lightly dampen the sheets.
Benefits of removing and disposing asbestos:
  • Prevents lung cancer:  Yearly estimated 5000 lung cancer situations are related to asbestos exposure. This means that the asbestos lying around the house could cause deadly lung cancer. One way of preventing this is through engaging in asbestos removal and disposal.
  • Reduce environmental asbestos: Environmental asbestos is a type of exposure from nearby industrial sites. It can be very dangerous and the only method to minimize it is through asbestos removal and disposal.
  • Difference in physical body: By removing asbestos one is certain that their family member’s health and wellness of body is safe and secured.

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