Ashtrays and Cigarette Disposal Systems

A small cylindrical shaped thin paper rolled and made up with cut tobacco leaves is mainly called a cigarette. It is ignited at one end and the other end is held into the mouth through which smoke is inhaled. Ash from cigarettes or cigars is collected in an ashtray. Ashtrays are made of different materials like glass, pottery, rock or metal which are basically fireproofed. To be kept on table, most common design is of a flat base with shallow cylinder. In public places, wall mounted ashtrays are common. To hold cigarettes, at the rim ashtrays have notches.
Different types of ashtrays:-
Many different types of ashtrays and cigarette disposal systems are available online. It includes in wide range like indoor, outdoor, portable, vintage, windproof, filtered and iconic smokeless ashtrays.
Ashtrays and Cigarette Disposal Systems
  • Indoor or outdoor ashtrays are available in many designs. It keeps the table clean and ash free by hiding ash and cigarette butts inside. When required, it allows for the easy removal of hidden ashes and butts. Melamine material which is used in making an ashtray makes it heat resistant and safe to wash.
  • Filtered smokeless ashtray is more economical. It consists of a fan which filters the air by pulling it and then returns the clean air out. Fan runs at a specific speed with low noise. You can avail this type at an affordable price.
  • Iconic smokeless ashtrays are newer and designed to generate negative ions. Smoke particles which are positively charged gets attach themselves to these negative ions and finally get bonded to the positive charge inside of the ashtray. The air gets purified by the extra negative ions at the top.
Air cleaners or air purifiers:-
In the market basically there are three types of air cleaners which are used to clean air from cigarette smoke and remove odors.
  • Passive air cleaners clean the air through motor or suction fan inside the unit by drawing the contaminated air.
  • Active air cleaners clean the surrounding air on the outside of the unit and removes smoke and odors from the environment.
  • Partially active passive air cleaners clean the pollutants from the air from outside or inside of the unit.

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