Automotive Paints

A liquid mixture when applied to a surface dries to form a hard coating or used as a decorative or protective coating in a vehicle is usually known as automotive paint. Automotive paints are a mixture of basic ingredients which includes a pigment, a binder and a thinner. The paint can be in a form water, acrylic or oil based. The chemical composition, application and the properties of each paint base differs widely. Most of the modern automotive paints and coatings are non-toxic and are mostly for environment regulations. 
Paint composition:
  • The primary paint color is generally made of titanium oxide. Other pigments additives or secondary colors are comprised of various compounds such as calcium, talc, mica, etc.
  • The secondary compounds are added to achieve a desired viscosity, levelling, appearance and flexible properties.
  • A binder gives the paint and coating its durability and its hardness.
Automotive Paints
Types of automotive paints:
  • Solid paint - almost all the cars are available in solid colors. The most common option of a solid color and non-metallic paint are white, red, blue and black. The solid paint is a single application of the color followed by a clear coat above.
  • Metallic paint - are effectively the same as solid paints just with a small quantity of powdered metal is added. The size and the type of the metal added depends upon the choice of the manufacturer. 
  • Pearlescent - paints generally replaces the metal particles with ceramic crystals often called mica. This gives the paint deep color. In direct sunlight, pearlescent paint knocks spot off metallic finishes.
  • Matte finishes - some vehicles are available in a variety of matte colors usually grey or black. This is a more reflective silk or satin finish. Maintenance and repair is quite an issue on matte finishes cars.
Benefits of automotive paints:
  • Metallic car paints supplied by automotive car suppliers offers a car with a very cool paint effect and eye catching.
  • Many times a metallic coat of paint can increase the resale value of a car.
  • Metallic paints are a type of premium paint.
  • Automotive paints can hide dings and scratches as it is highly reflective.

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