Awnings and Shades

An awning is a type of cover or a roof supplement which helps to control intense sun exposure and heat both indoors and outdoors. Awnings can be installed over doors, windows, patios or decks a more furnished or professional look. Awnings and shades increase energy efficiency by reducing glare and sunlight. Awnings will protect the outdoor furniture and flooring when they are used over a patio. Awnings and shades will also increase the use of outdoor space by shielding from sunlight and rain. Awnings and shades are available in various fabrics and styles. 
Types of awnings and shades:
Awnings and Shades
  • Stationary or fixed awning - A welded frame which is attached permanently to a wall is a stationary or fixed awning. Stationary awnings are built to be strong and long lasting. A fixed awnings provides full weather protection and are suitable for smaller areas like doors and windows.
  • Retractable awning - A retractable awning can be opened or pulled back as much as needed. Retractable awnings extend with motorized controls as well as manually. Retractable awnings frame requires less maintenance and are suitable for patios and decks.

Types of awnings and shades covers:
  • Polyester - designed to withstand weather. They are not suitable for machine wash.
  • Cotton - strong and durable. Awnings and shades made with this material are water resistant and are suitable for machine wash.

As fixed awnings have welded frames, they can be shaped or designed in a variety of different styles such as:
  • Slope
  • Crescent
  • Waterfall
  • Ornamental
  • Dome 

Benefits of awnings and shades:
  • Control shades - awnings can be extended fully, partially and or retracted depending on the amount of shade needed.
  • Beautify the house - awnings do not just add beauty and style but also adds equity to the house. Covered outdoor spaces increases the living area and value.
  • Protects indoor furniture - the sun’s UV rays can severely damage and fade furniture, carpet, upholstery and flooring. Awnings and shades will protect the valuable interior furnishings and prolong their life.
  • Saves utility costs - awnings helps to lower energy costs. On warm days shading interior can naturally cool the house reduce air conditioning costs.

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